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    Eastern HS- "Vortex - The Unstoppable" East Jessamine HS- "Re-Energized" Estill County HS- "The Crossing” Warren East HS- "When the Gates Close..." Woodford County HS- "In Orbit"
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    Even once everything is on the field, I have a feeling the beginning is still going to seem awkward to me. I'm not worried about the kids, I'm worried about the staff since they've put together some...rather questionable productions together, i.e. 2015, which this show is reminiscent of at the current time in my opinion. I'm not interested in counting either, but it looks like the size drop came from the brass, not the woodwinds. Sure the woodwinds have tight knitted drill, but the brass are spread out and look a lot smaller, possibly cut in half. Guard also looks a lot smaller too; what ever happened to the 40+ Lafayette guards? I would like to say that the show has potential, but at it's barest I can't quite say that with confidence like I have with the last 2 years. Madison Central could very well pull it off this year!
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    Nice first hit! I'm really looking forward to seeing them this year. I'm happy to see from all the videos I've been able to see so far that all the group's seem to be in a good place. Should be a great season!