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  1. 2 hours ago, DoctorProctor said:

    Unbelievable that the KHSAA is proceeding with fall sports and yet there will be no band.

    Who said there’s no band? Competitive marching band is only a spoke on the band wheel. The membership of the Kentucky Music Educators Association made the correct decision along with almost every circuit in the country. 

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  2. 18 hours ago, The Stig said:

    Who is on the Board of Control these days?




    MB Chair- Tim Allen

    Band Chair- Joe Craig

    Judge Coordinator- George Boulden 

    Executive Director- John Stroube 

    1- Beth Stribling 

    2-Cory Mullins

    3-Grant Jones

    4-Brian Ellis

    5-Patrick Brady

    6-Austin Bralley 

    7-Michael Stone

    8-Jenny Hippple

    9-Pauletta Smith

    10-Curtis Ervin

    11- Jason Bowles

    12-Mike Arthur

  3. 20 minutes ago, bdit said:

    Someone has to educate these new teachers coming out, because it’s certainly not the universities in my area. Most of the ones that are coming out or student-teaching are either coat-tail riders or just flat out lazy. 

    And you have no idea what my credentials are......plenty of fake accounts on here 😎. And not sure where you get that I’m “arguing.” Just stating my opinions. I can also guarantee you that our (see, it doesn’t belong to me) program will not get cut either next year, or the year after that. My admin is fully behind us and our students.

    Anyone else also notice how the vote yesterday was 17-0 in favor of keeping hopes alive? Looks like they all went to vote for the best interests of their students. All we did was vote to bail on ours.

    I feel terrible for your kids. It’s clear they are not receiving an appropriate, well rounded music education, and are in band for all the wrong reasons. How many of your former students play their horns in adulthood? How many participate in a collegiate ensemble (major or non-major)? How many current students pursue outside opportunities such as all state band, summer music camps, youth orchestra, private lessons, etc? How many freshman graduate the program 4 years later?  I would be willing to wager those numbers are sad and pathetic. 

    In your world band ends in October. What do you do from November to June? Beat more marching band music into the kids? Probably. 

    The various KMEA committees voted to protect the health and safety of our students and communities. They 100% made the correct decision. 

    All state auditions will be held in a virtual manner in 2020-21. This is also the correct decision for our students.


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  4. KHSAA can not survive without their championship events as this is their only source of income. They have a high overhead for staffing, event management, etc. KHSAA will kick the can down the road as long as possible. The vote yesterday doesn’t mean much as they have to submit a plan to the governor’s office and department of public health for approval. 

    KMEA can survive a year without the SMBC. KMEA has a much smaller staff and receives income from other sources- membership dues, program dues, registrations, etc. KMEA also has a substantial emergency fund. 

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  5. 17 hours ago, bdit said:

    That’s not our purpose............my kids deserve the chance to compete just like everyone else. I refuse to become a football-only pep band this fall. My decision, not yours.

    Then you are in the wrong business. The purpose of music education has nothing to do with competition. Don’t complain next spring when your program gets cut because you refuse to serve your community and school. 

    I’m also certain that any band director worth a penny would not be posting on a band forum arguing with mostly students and parents. 

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  6. 5 hours ago, bdit said:

    I understand that.......but at least those seniors have the possibility. As I’ve stated previously, I’m going to have a very hard time looking at my students in November if they are expected to be doing “pep” band during the playoffs.

    You should probably be doing pep band regardless as service to your school and community and be happy about it because it gives kids a chance to perform. Serving your school and community should always be a high priority. If not you may be in the wrong line of work. 

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  7. 2 hours ago, ObjectiveObserver said:

    Are metronome clicks going to go through the stadium speakers or should bands prepare by bringing their own?

    Competing bands are permitted to play defense by interfering with electronics, field conditions, crowd noise, etc. 

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  8. 53 minutes ago, therightstuff said:

    North Hardin is far superior. Hmmm

    Looking at state finals in Jaggie’s only 2 years he competed with NH. 2017 tied in music performance 2018 MC won music performance. point is if the “state’s finest” can’t beat the Jaggie’s  “its not even close” band I’d say the news isn’t fake. Just presenting facts. Let the nh love fest defense begin.

    Nice to see there is one other person on here that brings the facts. 

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  9. 51 minutes ago, Brass33 said:

    NH and Lafayette’s top concert ensembles are fantastic. I’ve seen both in-person. Both play some serious Grade-6 literature and both groups have 20+ All-State musicians. There’s not another program in the state that can match them on the concert side of things.

    Obviously you have never heard the top ensembles at YPAS which play circles around everyone in KY. The top bands at Oldham Co and Madison Central are also at the same level as Lafayette and NH. 

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  10. 2 hours ago, trombobble said:

    Agreed. While I do think marching band can still be worthwhile and provide learning experiences and entertainment to students and the community, it’s genuinely bizarre to see directors stating their intent to continue hosting a competition. Either they desperately need the money and they’re hoping it’ll work, or they’re far detached from current events.


    In my opinion, focus should be on education right now. Beef up those show books, and spend more time on fundamentals rather than a clean show, since you probably won’t be competing any.

    Some of these directors are trying to keep their programs visible and viable. If they don’t keep active they may feel like their job gets cut or they may lose extended days/extra service pay. Those directors may have a point. At the end of this year schools will likely know the 21-22 fiscal budget (the outlook is very bleak) and may have to make some tough staffing decisions. Some of these folks are fighting for their livelihood. 

    Some directors just want to see their kids and give them some in person instruction. Band camp may be the only face to face instruction some kids get this year. 

    Those directors thinking they can host a contest  this year are either ignoring or not processing the reality of the situation. 

     My hometown school has changed the band schedule to accommodate small groups/split classes, etc. and focusing on chamber type ensembles. Instead of a traditional band camp they are doing a small ensembles camp.  The color guard is also meeting to do fundamentals, etc. and are planning to do some sort of stage production (either indoors on the stage or outdoors on the football field). The school was not going to allow any type of large concert band classes or performances at least the first semester. The small ensembles was a compromise to continue instrumental music instruction during the school day and give the kids some type of performance opportunity. 

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  11. 12 minutes ago, KMEA Commenter said:

    This has turned into the most erotic thread in Kentucky Marching Band message board history.  (I think?)

    I am a inanimate object. I don’t know anything about erotic threads. I’m just a device that produces fire. 🔥🔥🔥