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  1. bandparentky

    Adair and LWC Asking for Prayers

    My thoughts & prayers will be with this young lady and her family! Please keep us updated on any progress!!! God Bless!
  2. bandparentky

    Results of KMEA State Finals

    Great to see how well all of the Classes did last night. Congrats to all of you!! You've earned those spots in Finals. Thank you for a nother great year of marching band!!! IMHO - Class A - Glad to see that Beechwood is bringing back the Governor's Cup to Northern KY. once again. Congrats ladies & gentlemen!!! You're the best! Hazard - WOW!!! You've been on fire all season. Congrats to all of you for a job well done!!! Murray - Was hoping you'd be higher in placement, but you too need to be proud of all of your accomplishments this year! You're great!!! Williamstown - As always, another great year for all of you. I for one, love seeing that our FAB 4 are back in State Finals! Congrats everyone!!! Class AA - Congrats to Glasgow on another Governor's Cup win!! WOW!! Danville - WOW!!!! Congrats! You've come a long way, and I'm very happy for all of you. (Must have been that "NEW" Percussion Instructor that made the difference!). Way to go Josh!!! Congrats Man!!!!! Class AAA - What can be said for these Power Houses of Bands!!! Congrats to all of you!!! Especially to Bourbon County & Adair!!! Kudo's to Garrard & Boyle too. Saw Garrard at Blue & Gold and you were amazing. Glad to see Boyle back in the Final 4!!! Class AAAA - Congrats to our friends at Grant County for another stellar year!!! Kudo's to MadVille, & John Hardin. You both deserve to be in Finals. Neither of you ever dissappoint! Congrats!!! Glad to see Anderson back in State Finals. Congrats to all of you!!! Class AAAAA - WOW!!! Heard it was a blood bath last night. All 4 of the bands really left it on the field!!! Congrats to the Layfayette Band once again!!! You never leave us empty after a performance!!! North Hardin - Heard you guys left on the field last night. Sorry that I wasn't there to see you all! Mad Central - Always great and very deserving to be in Finals again. Congrats!!! PLD - Hold your heads high and be proud of all of your accomplishments this year. You're one of the best bands in KY. and we're very proud of all of you. You're great and you know it. Congrats everyone for a great season of Marching Band!!! You're ALL simply the BEST this year!!!!!
  3. bandparentky

    Grand Nationals Schedule

    I heard a rumor a while back that Dixie was headed to Indy next week to perform at B.O.A. Anyone heard different? Just wondering?
  4. bandparentky

    5A Semifinals

    WOW! So sorry to hear this! I was hoping they'd make Finals I'm sure whatever bands get in today, that they won't disappoint us!! Eastern put down some great performances this year, so congrats go out to all of them. You made us smile and we even gave you all a standing ovation at Morehead, so take your bow, you've earned it!!! I'm still hoping that we'll see you all in Finals!!!
  5. bandparentky

    List of State Finalists

    Yes, PLEASE!!!!! So glad to see my friends from Beechwood & Murray made it again to State Finals!!! All 4 bands are great, but I'm so sorry to be so biased!!! I see you're from Eastern??? We saw your performance at Blue & Gold and thought you were amazing!!!!! I can't imagine how much better you've gotten since then. Good luck today!
  6. bandparentky

    5A Semifinals

    Why? What happened?
  7. bandparentky

    And your 2012 KMEA finalists are . . .

    Great to see my fav. 4 are back in the top 4 again this year!!! Good luck to all of them tonight!!! Does anyone have scores yet from Semi's? Thanks for posting!!! GO BEECHWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. bandparentky

    5A Semifinals

    Good luck to Eastern! Saw them perform at Blue & Gold and they were amazing back then in September!!!
  9. bandparentky

    Next.... Campbell County predictions

    Congrats to our friends from Beechwood. Your friends from Dayton are so excited for you again this year! Keep it up!
  10. bandparentky

    Official Job Openings

    Good for her!!! She's a great person as well as a great Director! I wish her well with her new position at Bourbon County!!!
  11. Thanks for saying what many of us wanted to say!!! Just be grateful that your band made it to the State Finals and enjoy the ride. Many schools would kill to be in your postion!!!
  12. bandparentky

    DCI "Summer Games" - Cincinnati, Ohio Info

    Tradition is always a pleasure to see peform in Cincinnati. Can't wait!
  13. bandparentky

    Official Job Openings

    Please tell your brother Jordan, that I said congratulations! Can't wait to see him having his band perform in Class A! Good luck to him and the entire Paris Band!
  14. bandparentky

    Official Job Openings

    I'm surprised that Brian Egan is leaving Bellevue! We're right down the road from Bellevue and we haven't heard a word above Brian's departure. Do you know this to be a fact?
  15. bandparentky

    DCI "Summer Games" - Cincinnati, Ohio Info

    The ony thing that I can agree with you is that the line-up is small, but with some Corps that haven't been in Cincinnati for a while. But as far as the parking issue, uncomfortable seating, and traffic being awful, that happens at every show from DCI, KMEA, and Mid-States. Come on people, certanly your not going to allow these minor things to stop you from going to any competition, is it??? I remember being a chaperone for our kids, and would riide 3-4 hours on a bus, just to see our kids perform. Wherever you choose to attend any Corp and Marching Band Compeition, just go and enjoy the sights and sounds from a great group of dedicated individuals! Don't sweat the small things!