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  1. WGI announced both. Championship weekends cancelled a little while ago.
  2. wolfgang.

    Woodwinds in DCI?

    ... And the rules proposal is officially on dci.org
  3. There is (allegedly) a proposal on the table to be voted on that would allow woodwinds to be used in DCI competition, though I do not know to what extent. What is your opinion on whether DCI should allow woodwinds?
  4. The season may be done for KMEA, but there are still contests going on. If you want to take a road trip to watch some pretty good bands, and sitting in the cold isn't your thing. Hoosiers welcome you to come to the ISSMA Finals this coming weekend at Lucas Oil Stadium. Tickets are $22 adults, $18 students. Keep in mind there are 2 other events that same date: At 8 am, the Monumental Marathon begins and will run on Capitol Ave on the east side of the stadium, and the Pacers have a home game at 7 pm in the Fieldhouse. Getting around, especially in the am, will be slightly more complicated, but thousands of band fans have dealt with this in past years just fine. The performance schedule is: 9:25 AM Salem (Scholastic Class B Exhibition) 9:40 AM Lafayette Jefferson (Scholastic Class A Exhibition) Open Class B 10:00 AM Greenwood 10:15 AM Northview 10:30 AM Evansville North 10:45 AM Evansville Harrison 11:00 AM Munster 11:15 AM North Side 11:30 AM Jasper 11:45 AM Greenfield-Central 12:00 PM Pendleton Heights 12:15 PM F.J. Reitz 12:30 PM Awards - Open Class B Open Class C 1:20 PM John Glenn 1:35 PM Mt. Vernon 1:50 PM Norwell 2:05 PM Western 2:20 PM Beech Grove 2:35 PM Princeton 2:50 PM Concordia Lutheran 3:05 PM Edgewood 3:20 PM Vincennes Lincoln 3:35 PM NorthWood 3:50 PM Awards - Open Class C Open Class D 4:40 PM Paoli 4:55 PM Tell City 5:10 PM Mater Dei 5:25 PM Monrovia 5:40 PM Forest Park 5:55 PM Woodlan 6:10 PM Fairfield 6:25 PM Lewis Cass 6:40 PM Springs Valley 6:55 PM Southridge 7:10 PM Awards - Open Class D Open Class A 8:00 PM Fishers 8:15 PM Homestead 8:30 PM Avon 8:45 PM Penn 9:00 PM Castle 9:15 PM Carroll 9:30 PM Lawrence Township 9:45 PM Center Grove 10:00 PM Brownsburg 10:15 PM Carmel 10:30 PM Awards - Open Class A
  5. wolfgang.

    BOA Johnson City

    They allowed 108 last year.
  6. wolfgang.

    BOA Johnson City

    Means nothing. Different panels. Case in point, I was at the BOA Muncie IN Regional. That panel was at least 3 points low imo. The scores at the College Park, MD Regional the same day were slightly higher. I will grant that James Madison and Norwin are good bands, but I cannot see them outscoring Centerville, Fishers, and Lincoln-Way head to head. James Madison and Norwin would be about at the level (or likely slightly under) the 4th place band at Muncie (Carroll, who went DOWN 3 points from the Toledo Regional 2 weeks earlier). Also, Henry Clay went DOWN 2 points from their Louisville score two weeks prior. It is more logical that one panel at Muncie was low than two separate panels two weeks prior were too high.
  7. wolfgang.

    BOA Johnson City

    Broken Arrow was not in the top 22 (not 24) in 1998 when they first made GN Finals. One other possible factor is it's no longer Thursday/Friday, it's Panel 1 (odd blocks) and 2 ( even blocks). I hope BOA thought through all unintended consequences of changing to the new system, but late signups should be balanced by class between the panels, not just dumped at the start of the day, which imbalances Panel 1 (unless they will bump bands to Panel 2 to maintain equality).
  8. Reading on another board that Henry Clay and Eastern are competing at the BOA Indy Super Regional reminded me of a question with all the changes: When are the new classifications determined? Is there a time next summer or fall when Directors have to tell KMEA their numbers? If at least 2 ( maybe more) former AAAAA bands not opt to compete in KMEA, won't that just push two more bands who would have been AAAA under the new formula into AAAAA?
  9. Hopefully both Bourbon Co and Adair will return to GN next year. I assume Bourbon is close to the enrollment line and don't know if they will still be A or move to AA for 2019. Next year should be a Beechwood year if their every-other-year pattern holds. Do you think KY will continue the streak of winning Class A at Grand Nationals? I haven 't checked, but how many consecutive years has it been?
  10. Pioneer was suspended by DCI earlier in the fall. My understanding is when DCI suspended them for 2019, one if the stipulations was a new BOD with no Roman. Either it didn't register with him, or he didn't think DCI would actually drop the hammer. In any event, Pioneer's membership in DCI is now revoked. If they meet DCI standards (I assume one of those is no Blenskis), they may reapply for Open (not World) class status. Aren't there several Kentuckians who are Pioneer alumni? How do you feel about these developments?
  11. September 21, 2019 McAllen, TX - Veterans Memorial Stadium Toledo, OH - University of Toledo (Site Pending) Kentucky/Tennessee Regional - TBD September 28, 2019 Austin, TX - Kelley Reeves Athletic Complex Northeast Ohio - Site TBD Cedar Falls, IA - University Of Northern Iowa (Site Pending) October 5, 2019 Dallas/Ft Worth, TX - Pennington Field Houston, TX - Legacy Stadium Mid-Atlantic - Site TBD Southwest Ohio - Site TBD October 12, 2019 Midland, TX - Grande Communications Stadium Johnson City, TN - East Tennessee State University Orlando, FL - Camping World Stadium October 18-19, 2019 St. Louis Super Regional, The Dome At America's Center October 19, 2019 Waco, TX - Site TBD Fresno, CA - Buchanan H.S., (Site Pending) October 25-26, 2019 Indianapolis Super Regional, Lucas Oil Stadium October 26, 2019 Lynchburg, VA - Liberty University (Site Pending) Powder Springs, GA - McEachern H.S. November 1-2, 2019 San Antonio Super Regional - The Alamodome November 2, 2019 Southern Califonia - Site TBD November 9, 2019 St. George, UT - Dixie State University November 14-16, 2019 Grand National Championships, Lucas Oil Stadium
  12. Have the dates for 2019 KMEA been finalized?
  13. wolfgang.

    Thought question

    The point still stands: School size encourages participation, band size discourages participation.
  14. wolfgang.

    Thought question

    Your question illustrates why school size encourages participation, band size discourages participation.
  15. Which band is likely to have more alternates: The 2019 KMEA Class A Champion, or 3-time defending BOA Grand National Champion Carmel? I know exactly how many alternates Carmel uses.