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  1. Just wanted to take a second to congratulate Dixie Heights on making finals in Dayton in Scholastic Open. Their 87.275 gave them the 12th and final spot in finals and are a little less than two poinst out of 9th. This is great for the state of Kentucky in having a finalist in this class. What makes it even more special is that they were promoted from A class by WGI only about four weeks ago and I know they had to put a LOT of work in to re-tooling ther program to adjust for the higher classification. A mighty "Well Done" to thier dedicated staff and fantastic student performers ... knock' em dead Saturday!
  2. Jayveeinky

    Who's planning on coming out again?

    Hey, does anyone know if Madison Central is coming out this season?
  3. Jayveeinky

    Who's planning on coming out again?

    If I didn't differentiate enough between indoor and outdoor, my bad. Thought I did, but oh well ... However, I'm not so sure indoor it's as "dormant" as some may think. Across the state, I believe there were around 30 lines that competed. This is a rough estimate. I can tell you definitively that there were 15 KY lines at Tri-State finals last season, with a couple more that competed from KY that didn't go to finals. I know there are several from the other parts of KY as well, near Paducah, south of Bowling Green, and in the far eastern part of the state that competed in other organizations, as well as "Speed" who were from KY as well. Now at first this may seem like a small number ... but is it? Depends on who you compare it to ... The four states most mentioned when it comes to indoor percussion are California, Texas, Ohio, and Indiana. According to the 2008 Census numbers, these states rank 1st (36,756,666), 2nd (24,326,974), 7th (11,485,910), and 15th (6,376,792) accordingly in raw population. Kentucky ranks 26th (4,269,245). Based on my data, Indiana had 66 lines last season that competed at more than one show. This is a little more than double of what Kentucky had. But when you factor in just the raw population count alone (where KY has 2/3 the population of Indiana), the percentage shrinks. In Ohio, where the amount of lines are in the mid 50s, factor in that Ohio has three times the population of KY and per-capita KY actually has a greater percentage of kids marcing indoor. How ABout New Jersey? NJ is 8th in Population with almost 9,000,000 people, but there are actually less lines in NJ than there are in KY in raw count. I bet if we factor in State school budgets (where KY is well within the bottom third nationally) and experience (ISSMA and MEPA can trace there beginninging to the mid 90s, where Tri-State effectively did not start putting a real effort into building their percussion program until 2004), we'd see that an arguement can be made that KY indoor lines are actually excelling in their growth. So ... is indoor percussion dormant? Well, yes and no. Guess it depends on how you rate the numbers and such. All I hope is that someday it wakes up to it's full potential. People will be shocked.
  4. Jayveeinky

    Who's planning on coming out again?

    Holistically speaking I'd agree, but I also think it's a gold mine just waiting to be found. There are some GREAT lines here (led by some great young instructors) and I think that if the indoor thing ever takes off in the Bluegrass State, we'd soon be mentioned in the same sentence as some of the aforementioned states. Not immediately, but eventually. And yeah I'm a little biased, but hey what can a poor boy do :-)
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    Who's planning on coming out again?

    Hey guys ... if you are coming out this season in Tri-State and haven't sent any paperwork in, please drop a line at jayveeinky@aol.com or go to the circuit web page (www.tristatecircuit.com) and let me know one way or the other. There are still several lines from last season I have not heard about yet. The reason I am asking ... begging?? lol ... is I am almost done with judging assignments but in order to give you all a good mix of people to evaluate you, it would be a great help to know who is and is not coming out and what shows you plan on doing. To quote the great (?) Tom Cruise; "Help me, help you"! Regardless of whether or not you are coming back, I hope you all are doing well and are ready to have a fantastic Thanksgiving!! Peace and tasty goldfish, JV