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  1. M. Jordan Williams

    Marion County Marching Knight Festival, 10/13

    Well....If the progression of our show is somehow correlated with fate....then the sun comes outs in the end! Nice quarters, semis and finals? We shall see! 🌨⛈☀️
  2. M. Jordan Williams

    2A Talk

    From the two comments about us in two minutes I'm going to assume you're one of my kids....Stop making posts that are asking for attention....I will give you plenty of attention in rehearsal, trust me! If you're not one mine then please disregard.
  3. M. Jordan Williams

    9/30 Casey County Marching Classic

    Thank you! You'll have to stop by and say hey! AA is great this year - There's a lot of great teaching going on! ....which means.... more students then ever are receiving a quality music education. As an educator, this is why we do what we do!
  4. M. Jordan Williams

    9/30 Casey County Marching Classic

    Well, we appreciate the thought. Lol. We know its far from the best situation possible but it's our biggest fundraiser and it funds most of our season so we keep having it.
  5. M. Jordan Williams

    9/30 Casey County Marching Classic

    We will gladly accept all contributions.
  6. M. Jordan Williams


    If you're not a Casey kid then please disregard. If you are, stop posting. Comments like this do nothing but make our group look bad.
  7. M. Jordan Williams

    Ballads 2016

    It works much better for indoor!
  8. M. Jordan Williams

    Ballads 2016

    Already on it!
  9. M. Jordan Williams

    Butler Traditional Contest 10/10/2015

    No need to apologize my friend. I completely agree with you on that, especially in this day of age, kids need to be prepared to adapt to both type of comments. Personally, I believe that it's all about presentation..with everything! I appreciate your post and comments. I wish the very best with you and whatever program you are associated with. If you ever see me out and about please come and say hi.
  10. M. Jordan Williams

    Butler Traditional Contest 10/10/2015

    The only reason I still chime in from time to time on this board is because it was part of my high school experience in the marching arts and I enjoyed it at the time. However, and this is absolutely NOT directed at MetzFan ( I appreciate the kind words ) but the reason I don't tell my students about this board is because the way some of our posters respond. I would never want my students reading some of the negativity posted on here and especially in my current situation - 48 kids who have never had the experience of being in a marching band until this year, they're my babies and are in dire need of constant positive reinforcement...but you know what...they are loving it and they're working their butts off just like every other group in the state of Kentucky. You all have been in a marching band or around it in your life and you know the effort and dedication that it takes to pull something like this off. All of our kids deserve praise and more positives than negatives when reviewing a show. I read posts on here all the time and think...man, I hope students from that band don't read this post. I understand that this is an opinion based board but think twice before you post. You never know what student(s) you may have an impact on. Again, this is not directed at MetzFan (I appreciated the post) but at OUR forum as a whole.
  11. M. Jordan Williams

    Casey County Contest - 09/19/2015

    I want to personally invite all of the kymarching board folks out to our contest. I remember (not to long ago ) enjoying this board and all of the individuals on it and the passion that they have for our activity. If you decided to attend please make sure you stop me and say hi. I hope everyone has an enjoyable marching season!
  12. M. Jordan Williams

    KMEA Mobile Wallpapers

    Thanks again!
  13. M. Jordan Williams

    Casey County Band

    Hey all! We are looking for a colorguard instructor for the 2015 marching season. If you are interested or know anyone that may be interested please feel free to shoot me a message or email me at m.jordanwilliams@me.com
  14. M. Jordan Williams

    Mid-State Championship - November 8th

    My brother just informed me that Paris went on 2nd today and are 4th going into finals. They drew the 8th slot.
  15. M. Jordan Williams

    Judging & Level of Demand

    We have some incredibly talented band directors in the state of Kentucky who have been successful for a number of years. Obviously these directors would easily hold their own against anybody in the box. However, as a director and designer, I believe that having 8 tapes and 8 new sets of eyes for my show is incredibly important for the success of a program. Most directors go into a competition knowing exactly what he or she needs to work on next week. These directors have a good idea of what they need to improve on and what the judges are going to say. Yes, sometimes we receive tapes that go directly into the garbage but more times that not we will receive a tape that gives us a new idea or insight for our production. It's also good for our students to hear some of the comments that the judges are making especially if they are ones that they hear everyday in practice. The effect of hearing a comment from someone other than the director works wonders for some students.