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  1. MikeZ

    New KMEA Guidelines

    MLB and the NCAA with unlimited money and resources cannot contain the virus. Why do we think high school band directors with no money and limited resources would do a better job? There should be no shows...local or otherwise. If folks want to spend time focusing on something as unimportant as marching band, it should be figuring out what needs to be done to allow a 2021 season to happen. The ship has sailed on 2020. Any energy spent on competing (in any form) in 2020 is a waste. Get kids safely in buildings. Focus on education. Keep our fingers crossed that 2021 can happen. Z Just trying to be realistic.
  2. MikeZ

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Question. What is a local judge? Z Not trying to be funny. It's a semi serious question.
  3. MikeZ

    New KMEA Guidelines

    My account is not fake. Of course, if I was saying the crazy things that bdit is, I would create a fake account as well. Z Not lazy.
  4. MikeZ

    New KMEA Guidelines

    It amuses me that folks consider keeping people safe as "taking your season away". There may not be another person on this board that cares more about the marching arts than me. That said, I will gladly sacrifice the 2020 season to keep humans safe. The #1 priority should be getting students back in buildings for education. If learning is being done remotely, there is no band period...indoors or outdoors. I would much rather focus on getting kids safely in class than learning the opening set of the 2020 marching band show. Can both things be done safely? That's the big question...and right now I have not seen an answer that I'm comfortable with. Z Loves marching band, but loves my health more.
  5. MikeZ

    2020 Marching Shows!!

    Troopers used the title track as the opening to their 2018 show. It was only about 1 minute of actual show time, but it worked pretty well. It was strange to hear Troopers playing My Chemical Romance. Z #11
  6. MikeZ

    New KMEA Guidelines

    It's July. It seems silly to say today that an event is going to go on as scheduled in November. I hope everything goes off as planned, but as things stand today, I can't imagine a single marching band contest taking place in the fall. Instead of trying to figure out logistics for marching band, I wish all focus would be on how to get students back in buildings full time in the fall. I understand that you have to plan as if things are going to happen, but I have not seen anything that convinces me we can do marching band safely in the fall. Z The answer to every question is still " I don't know", and I'm okay with that.
  7. MikeZ

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Shoot me a message when you hear about Campbell County. Apparently, you are the person with all the info. Z Wonders if I can run a basics block with a mask on?
  8. MikeZ

    Jobs OPEN in 2020//

    There are bands in the state who performed at shows yet never competed in a circuit championship. Those bands are not on the “list”. I guess maybe they don’t count. Z Does not consider Mr. Dover a reliable news source.
  9. MikeZ

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Lassiter has had 2 bands make a BOA regional final before. I don’t know about KMEA, but both Avon and Broken Arrow have competitive and non competitive marching bands. Z More likely to see no marching bands than 1 school with 2 marching bands in 2020.
  10. MikeZ

    New KMEA Guidelines

    I have no inside information, but I would imagine things will mimic KHSAA. Blowtorch shared some of the guidelines they are adopting, and I have seen others as I have a daughter that is involved in athletics. I think things are going to be challenging, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that some type of scaled back season can happen. As it stands right now, I'm just waiting for a phone call telling me to show up for basics. Z This is the longest I have gone in 30 years without being inside or in front of a basics block.
  11. MikeZ

    Jobs OPEN in 2020//

    I was worried about how the fall was going to go, but Ben Dover told me things are getting better and the season will be fine. I will sleep much better tonight... Z People are dumb
  12. MikeZ

    2020 Finals Predictions

    Ryle is really really good. That’s all. Z Ryle fan.
  13. MikeZ

    Corona Talk

    Our current situation is much easier to cope with if you can accept that the answer to every single question is..."I don't know". I understand that everyone wants answers, but speculation at this point (even by "experts") is literally just a guess. The way I'm getting through this is by having a set schedule/routine and accepting that nobody knows what will be happening next week, next month, or next year. Z Okay with not knowing.
  14. MikeZ

    2020 Finals Predictions

    How you decide to perceive the downvote is your problem. I see it as sarcastic and funny. Z It's just a dumb red arrow. I don't get it...
  15. MikeZ

    Jobs OPEN in 2020//

    Conner Middle. Z Stay safe everyone.