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  1. Chase

    Regionals Combined Scores

    Stop making a fuss over the whole "you can't compare across different contests with different judges" thing. DCI does it to seed corps for regional events and championships, and BOA does it with different judging panels for Grand Nationals. The guy did it for fun, stop getting uptight over nothing.
  2. Chase

    Simon Kenton 10/26/19

    I'm aware they aren't what they once were, but they are still decent programs.
  3. Yes, classes A, AA, and AAA all do prelims/finals with top 10 making finals. AAAA and Open Class will only perform once.
  4. I will try to find some videos of the other bands at this contest, but here is Grayon's finals run
  5. Chase

    Simon Kenton 10/26/19

    Kings, Northmont, and Bellbrook definitely should be, those 3 are BOA semifinalists bands as well as Northmont and Bellbrook being finalist bands. They have always had good programs. Never seen Finneytown so I couldn't say anything about them.
  6. Chase

    Simon Kenton 10/26/19

    Thomas Nelson, Dayton, Holmes, Mason County, Pike Central, Corbin, Seneca, Martha Layne Collins, Pleasure Ridge Park, North Laurel, Ballard, Elizabethtown, Connor, Dixie Heights, and Tates Creek are the 15 KY bands, unless I missed one or two that I don't know about.
  7. It was just really different and interesting for me because it was my first contest of any kind I had ever been to in Tennessee. I'm hoping I can find some videos from this contest because all the finalist bands were good. That Mt. Juliet percussion was on a completely different level than everyone else though and the McGavock band was probably my favorite performance of the night out of everyone I got to see.
  8. Chase

    4A Semifinals @ Barren Co.

    What's that supposed to mean?
  9. Chase

    Simon Kenton 10/26/19

    15 out of 24 bands are Kentucky bands, not sure what you mean by most of these aren't Kentucky bands.
  10. Yeah, struck us as unusual as well. Also looking at the recaps sheet it looks like performance and effect were weighted equally, which is unusual to me also.
  11. Prelims recaps https://recaps.competitionsuite.com/3d0b6d15-8579-4b9d-bf81-5d9f979c587c.htm Finals recaps https://recaps.competitionsuite.com/c0d96ee9-b715-46c3-a115-c75aa33adaaa.htm
  12. Finals results 1. 86.2 Munford 2. 85.95 Bob Jones 3. 82.75 Mt. Juliet 4. 82.4 Ravenwood 5. 81.5 Brentwood 6. 81.2 Columbia Central 7. 78.5 Grayson County 8. 76.05 Oakland 9. 75.9 Independence 10. 74.55 Summit Percussion - Mt. Juliet Guard - Ravenwood Music - Bob Jones Visual - Bob Jones Effect - Munford
  13. Prelims results A 1. Independence 2. Ohio County Percussion - Independence Guard - Whitehouse Music - Independence Visual - Independence Effect - Independence AA 1. Ravenwood 2. Cascade Percussion - Ravenwood Guard - Ravenwood Music - Ravenwood Visual - Ravenwood Effect - Ravenwood AAA 1. Mt. Juliet 2. Brentwood Percussion - Mt. Juliet Guard - Mt. Juliet Music - Mt. Juliet Visual - Mt. Juliet Effect - Mt. Juliet AAAA 1. Munford 2. Bob Jones Percussion - Munford Guard - Munford Music - Bob Jones Visual - Munford Effect - Bob Jones & Munford Finalists (in performance order) Grayson County Columbia Central Oakland Summit Independence Mt. Juliet Munford Bob Jones Ravenwood Brentwood
  14. From what I have heard, class champions will earn a finalist spot along with the next 6 highest scores.