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  1. Chase

    New System

    And how long have myself and others been trying to get admins to do that? I've given up on it happening ever, even though this is the ONLY marching forum I browse that uses a dislike button. However, I have noticed that they are not causing reputation to go down anymore, so I guess that's progress? Anywho, I think the 4 classes and 6 finalists would be a somewhat fair compromise. I've kind of always thought going from 16 bands to 4 was always too big of a cut from semifinals to finals anyway and I think 6 is a fair number. Yes, not every band in the state is finals caliber, but 5th and 6th place in semifinals in most classes currently are right around the same level as the bands that do make it in. We have also declined so much in the number of bands competing at SMBC that I don't see the reason behind 5 classes anymore. Heck, BOA has roughly the same number of bands competing at Grand Nationals that we do at state and even they have only 4 classes, and for the longest time only had 3. I won't completely knock the hybrid of band and school size system until I see how it works out after about 2-3 seasons. Also keep this in mind, no class system is going to completely make everyone happy, it's just not realistic.
  2. Chase

    2019 Job board

    Casey County should be posted soon. Jordan Williams has taken a job as assistant principal at the Marion County Knight Academy.
  3. Boston Crusaders show is titled "Goliath" https://bostoncrusaders.org/2019/05/goliath/
  4. Chase

    BOA Johnson City

    Dobyns-Bennett, Kennesaw Mountain, and Lafayette I definitely see in the top spots here. Other contenders for top 5 I see are Russell County, Chapin, and Bassett. Bassett is a consistent GN semifinalist and Chapin is a very good program from South Carolina.
  5. You're never too old to retire. They got a trumpet player marching who's like 68 lol
  6. Superior, distinguished, whatever you wanna call it.
  7. All I know is GRC got superior ratings.
  8. Chase

    Band Fees

    That would only push the progress made in the development of the activity backwards. Just like sports or any other activity, it evolves and changes over time. I say the same thing to the guys on DCP who think drum corps should've never gone past piston/rotor G bugles and all symmetrical drill. Banning or taking away things is not a smart move.
  9. And to the person that downvoted, that level of pettiness is exactly why I've been repeatedly asking the downvotes be taken away.
  10. Cincinnati Tradition also has the following spots still open.
  11. Cincinnati Tradition is proud to present their 2019 Production. Title: Aqueous Selections by: John Adams, “Phrygian Gates” Stephen Melillo, Without Warning” Frank Ticheli, “Sanctuary” Joseph Curiale, “The Wind River”
  12. Chase

    Job Board 2018

    Admins here are pretty non responsive at this point, so I doubt it would if you request it.
  13. Chase

    Band Fees

    My band fees were $150 when I was in high school from 2004-2008
  14. Chase

    DCI KY

    Not so much how to play in different a different key, just understanding what's different. Also add in that music for G horns is all written in treble clef trumpet format. Prefer King or Yamaha (preferably Yamaha) contras to other brands, but nothing will match the sheer force of the G Contra Grande Bass Bugle made by Kanstul. Easily the best feeling horn playing wise I have ever marched, on the heavy side, but it's a beast when you know how to control it.
  15. Chase

    Job Board 2018

    Pretty sure since I know Jordan that he doesn't have any intention of leaving. That's why you shouldn't pay mind to rumors.