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  1. Chase

    Job Board 2018

    Pretty sure since I know Jordan that he doesn't have any intention of leaving. That's why you shouldn't pay mind to rumors.
  2. Not kidding, NABBA is 100% blind judging. They see nothing and don't know what band is performing. Only judged on what they hear.
  3. Chase

    Bands not going to SMBC

    I don't deal in rumors. I deal in facts when KMEA releases lists of who is participating.
  4. So is my fiancé, but he doesn't do that.
  5. The link sends me to google drive, not Facebook and it says there's nothings there 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Idk what that is. It doesn't pull anything up for me.
  7. Chase

    New System

    As long as you always take a full breath, everything will turn out ok.
  8. Chase

    Job Board 2018

    I found tons of old ones for that same district that hadn't been taken down. Don't know what the process is there because I don't look there often 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. Chase

    Job Board 2018

    That posting is from last year.
  10. I've had some openings come up in my calendar and I am available to help programs out during band camp and after school rehearsals this year. I've assisted a few programs over the past few years as well as marched in top ensembles in DCI and DCA and learned from some of the best educators in the country. I'm available for whatever you need me for. Currently reside in Bowling Green, but available to travel to surrounding areas. Inquiries send email to chase.todd89@gmail.com
  11. Chase

    Job Board 2018

    I'd take any of those jobs right now if I was done with school lol
  12. If they do it like they do at NABBA, they have like screens around them preventing hem from seeing the ensemble. They'd only be allowed to judge what they hear. I was running a high camera right in front of their "booth" when I was at NABBA a few years back. Also, why do they need to see anyway? It's concert band, not marching band lol
  13. Are you talking about state state or the district level? I've been referring to the district level. Sorry if I caused any confusion lol
  14. I think there's room for compromise on that one, but all the other points I made definitely should be implemented.
  15. So since we are getting a lot of changes to marching band in KMEA this year, it really makes me think of another question I also have. Should we change the format of how state concert assessment is done? Concert band I feel like really gets looked over a lot in this state and is on the back burner in some places. Might just be where I am from and what I have personally experienced, but I've had others say similar things to me. Ultimately, if you were to ask me the format of what I would ideally want KMEA state concert assessment to be like, this is what I would propose: Change the format to one similar to what NABBA (North American Brass Band Association) uses for their championships (summary in following bullets) Bands receive an actual score instead of a rating Judges are blind, they do not see or know is performing. Their scores come solely from what they hear. They will only be told a band is about to perform (band a or band b, or band 1 or band 2, etc) KMEA requires 2 pieces be performed, one selected by KMEA that all bands will perform and one that the director of the band will choose. Yeah, it sounds pretty strict, but I have seen this system in action and it works pretty well. Just throwing it out there with all the changes coming to marching band this year, I think KMEA should consider making changes to state concert assessment as well.