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  1. Chase

    DCI 2020

    As of right now DCA has not changed any plans. However, their next meeting isn't until sometime in April. If they choose to press onward, it would be great to see DCA corps grow in participation with so many people without a place to march this summer now. DCE (Drum Corps Europe) has already cancelled their season as well so I guess we will see in the coming weeks what call DCA decides to make. Their championships are always Labor Day Weekend and events only happen on weekends so the consideration for it could be a lot different than everything DCI had to consider, at least not on the same scale. Worst case scenario, I did find something that could provide people with an option to still create something great this summer, worth checking out https://www.instagram.com/tv/B-QiT__pu0y/?igshid=4xtmu34doduk
  2. Chase

    School Closings

    Indiana does something like it. I listened in on a conversation about possibly organizing some sort of concert band contest here in the state a few years back. Would be interesting to see.
  3. Which schools are closing or are already closed with everything going on? Warren County is shut down starting Monday.
  4. I will defend KMEA adding more finalists per class in this aspect. The cut from 16 bands to 4 bands has always been a ridiculous concept to me. Even friends I have spoken with who teach in other states say that it's ridiculous to cut the field that much. Granted, this should have happened long ago and maybe people wouldn't have been up in arms against it as they have been now, who know's for sure. But, the way I have looked at it 16 to 4 is too large of a cut. (Yes, I know we are moving to 12 semifinalists also)
  5. Chase

    SMBC 2020 Location

    I don't think it would be a problem at UofL or UK for equipment trucks to stay, other sites not so sure.
  6. Chase

    Woodwinds in DCI?

    DCI rules congress has concluded, the any instrument proposal did not pass. https://www.dci.org/news/2020-dci-rules-congress-final-voting-results
  7. Chase

    Jobs OPEN in 2020//

    Powell County will be open. Director is retiring.
  8. Chase

    Woodwinds in DCI?

    Whatever DCI decides to do, they will still be successful and still draw crowds and still have high caliber marching ensembles. What I would like to see, even though it more than likely won't happen given this passes, is to keep the drum corps circuit it's own thing still but give SoundSport the same platform. Basically give Soundsport groups a division that gives them the field the way DCI does for the drum corps, same rules on membership and instrumentation, just let that have woodwinds. That would be the "everyone can be happy" solution that I can come up with, but I realistically don't see it happening.
  9. Chase

    Woodwinds in DCI?

    Honestly, the whole "I have to learn a whole new instrument just to be able to march DCI" argument/complaint/whatever you want to call it scenario isn't really that big of a deal to those that are truly committed to doing it. I know plenty of woodwinds who picked up other instruments in order to march and had no issue. If you plan on going into music education, you have to learn how to play them all anyway, so it would be a good head start on it. If I wanted to do indoor drumline or winterguard, I would have to learn a new instrument or learn how to spin, which I currently don't, but I would definitely learn something if I had ever desired to participate in such groups.
  10. Chase

    Woodwinds in DCI?

    The people most up in arms about it are the old timers that are still mad that everything isn't still piston/rotor horns in the key of G
  11. Chase

    Woodwinds in DCI?

    I'd be ok with woodwinds being allowed in the pit as solo instruments, but marching full woodwind sections, I don't know how I would feel about it. I'm a brass guy, so I am biased towards brass, but we won't know until it's tried.
  12. Chase

    Box 5 media

    It really did, the lawyers that got Tresona started were looking for a good way to make money and saw that the regulations and monitoring for musical arrangements was very lax, so they decided to stick their noses in it.
  13. Chase

    KY Marching Discord

    I am in the process of planning some off season events for the server. We also have a group of people that are being active on the Fantasy Marching Arts website if you would like to join us. This invite link should still be good https://discord.gg/EH9XUb7
  14. Chase

    Box 5 media

    I'm just going to say, make sure you got your facts, all the facts, before going after someone. Too many on here, myself included, have been on the receiving end of unwarranted ridicule and toxicity from people who either don't care because it is outside the box of what they want or they just don't have all the facts and get information from hearsay or so called "rumor and innuendo" as a podcast I listen to calls it. I guess it has just become part of today's culture for people to form opinions without all the facts or be closed minded when it comes to ideas or concepts that are not what they would want if they were in control of all aspects of the situation. I just ask that people educate themselves and get all the information from the source, not secondhand, before going after someone. On another note, I have known Tim Snyder for a few years now and have done work for him on sales, cameras, and even some editing. I'm not perfect when it comes to any of that, but even still, the end product that comes out is of the highest quality regardless of what anyone says and has been since they took over filming KMEA SMBC. Also, I have had the pleasure of learning from Tim in drum corps as well and will say that I will 100% trust his feedback on anything that can help improve ensembles I am teaching or performing in. It's worked with every group I have ever personally been involved with. Regardless of how you might feel about him, Tim is one of the best music educators in the country.