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  1. Actually, a lot of alumni, including my fiance, are fully supporting it.
  2. Chase

    2019 Job board

    Sheldon House is the new director at South Laurel and Billy Carpenter is the new director at North Laurel according to my source. Not sure if North had been shared yet or not.
  3. Chase

    Dci starts this week!

    I'm waiting for someone to attempt the 91 cross to cross again
  4. Chase

    Dci starts this week!

    And on Facebook groups
  5. Chase

    Dci starts this week!

    In regards to making comments about drum corps performances this year and every year for that matter that are public. The performers can see what you post. Best thing you can do is be uplifting to the performers on public conversations. Whatever you say in private is your own deal, but publicly we should all support the performers. -A former DCI & DCA performer
  6. Chase

    2019 Job board

    I know Jake, good guy. Also a brass tech at Cincinnati Tradition.
  7. Yeah, I think 2005 was when they started giving actual scores out, when they changed the class system.
  8. Basically they give a festival rating rather than an actual number. Long time ago Morehead's show used to be all festival ratings instead of scores.
  9. It is an option at shows, but not many bands go out for that anymore.
  10. Chase

    Dci starts this week!

    There's a theater here in Bowling Green that shows it every year, so the city does have to be that big for it to be showing.
  11. Chase

    Dci starts this week!

    I'm behind Phantom, Boston, and Mandarins for some great stuff this year.
  12. Everywhere I have worked with just required the background check, which is completely understandable because you wanna be careful about who you're hiring. Getting those staff positions can sometimes be a matter of who you know, but you also should never be afraid to reach out and put your own feelers out there because you never know who actually might be looking for someone to come in.
  13. So you work at or with Madison Central to have that information?