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  1. You mean the god that may or may not even be real? I think people should at least have enough respect for others to not assume their religious beliefs and impose their own beliefs on others. Just common sense for someone who works in a public school system where there is *supposed* to be separation of church and state. Anywho, the question has been posed what it takes to succeed at BOA, and it comes down to one word: money. Edited for clarity.
  2. I wonder what would happen if all Texas 6A finalists showed up. 1 Marcus HS, Flower Mound 2 Hebron HS, Carrollton 3 Johnson HS, San Antonio 4 Bowie HS, Austin 5 Reagan HS, San Antonio 6 The Woodlands HS, The Woodlands 7 Duncanville HS, Duncanville 8 Coppell HS, Coppell 9 Flower Mound HS, Flower Mound 10 Keller H S, Keller
  3. Does nobody else remember the old Rebel Classic at Boone County? The first year we went I want to say there were 31 bands with a full prelims-finals format. 2005 and 2006 are for some reason missing from kyband.com so my years are missing, but the most I found was 21 bands with full prelims-finals. I do remember it was a long, long, very long, day.
  4. Yeah I don't think it gets any more come back than that. Going from "shouldn't be here" to "who are we again?"
  5. Crown is rehearsing all day today at Simon Kenton. The corps just pulled in a few hours ago, they are waking up at 10 am. According to the white board visual block is first so meh. Sectionals begin at 1 pm, brass moves to the field at 2:30. Ensemble begins at 7:30. Rehearsal is open. Just went up there myself, happened to drive by the buses in the parking lot and stopped in to check everything out. They're tired, been practicing the last few days. Means tomorrow should be a good show.
  6. Depending on how each school system works, it is usually left up to either the principal/school administration or county administration. Those responsible may include the opinions of assistant directors but that is also usually left up to each individual hiring person/committee to consider. In a very brief discussion about how my band director got his job I believe he mentioned an interview with the principal, who I would assume would have also been the one to hire him. That only applies to my school system; again, each district may have its own dig.
  7. After getting to watch some shows, I feel like a lot of Kentucky's great percussion programs are really stepping it up this year. Tates Creek, Henry Clay, Madison Central (who I've been told have 16 in the battery this year), Dixie Heights, and Adair County are all killing it. Even Lafayette is playing some notes this year, and they're moving around a lot too.
  8. Wow. Was that 4-5-6 in the drumline for Madison Central? They are going to sound really, really good come Finals night. Their entire band looks huge compared to years passed. I'll tell you what though, I really like what Lafayette's doing with the Disney music, ala Cadets 2000. I definitely don't subscribe to the thought that they're taking anything easy this year.
  9. Russell County's always been a group that I thought had an underrated percussion section. They might even put up the numbers and still sometimes not see the recognition that some groups see. Henry Clay is always a treat. They've had a good percussion program going for them for at least a solid decade, if not longer. There were a few years back in the day where if they were attending state, everyone would have been talking about their percussion section in a "best in state" kind of way. I'm excited to see what Eastern and Anderson County have going for them this year, as well as Adair
  10. Wow. Dixie and Tates Creek tied for second. I guess GE is what gave Dixie the nod. And Tates Creek won drums by half a point over Dixie and South Oldham, who tied in that "caption".
  11. Kind of surprised Tates Creek didn't win this one, but I'm glad Dixie was able to come back from third place. When it was announced Dixie was second in class, third overall in prelims, I figured TC had to be in front. I guess that just shows how competitive 5A is nowadays. Oh wait, as kybandfossil pointed out, the top two bands at this contest (both 5A bands) are not KMEA bound and haven't been for quite some time. Not to even remotely suggest that BC and Dixie could compete with the likes of Madison Central, Lafayette, Dunbar and NH, but it makes you wonder what 5-16 would really look lik
  12. Fudge. I guess I'm going Cumberland County.
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