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  1. Does anyone have any updates on this one? I was kinda surprised to see this posted, seeing as the exiting director is the wife of the HS director.
  2. Former Blue Knights brass caption head? I'm all in on Grayson County Middle making state finals this year. Seriously though, I hope this helps elevate this program even further.
  3. He could have put it on his fridge like all good parents do. A marching band results sheet though? No. That's too far. We πŸ‘ Must πŸ‘ Hold πŸ‘ Him πŸ‘ Accountable πŸ‘
  4. The first time I saw it I legitimately just thought an image hadn't loaded properly and glanced over it. Then I saw it, and just assumed a local contest had gotten... creative... with it. Sadly, I was wrong. Very wrong. Every band needs to pull out of SMBC for 2022 unless this is changed. Stroube has gone too far.
  5. Apologies if this is a bit of a ramble. Shows that had a complete theme based off of Musicals or one composer/work (The Wiz, Fiddler, Carmen) or the more abstract shows? - More abstract shows, but with a much more cohesive musical design than a lot have thrown together recently. It comes entirely down to the arranging though, a LOT of the arrangements lately have felt very emotionless, cold, and formulaic to me personally. Shows from Adair in 2006-2010 are good examples of strong themes, but not following one composer or a musical (or other composition). I do really miss shows more like all of Adair from the early 2000s to 2010, or GRC 2004, or Dunbar during the Guidry. Looking out of state, shows like Ayala 2004, mid 2000s and early 2010s Broken Arrow, Ronald Reagan up through whenever CT Johnson opened up, and then CT Johnson shows up through now actually. Quite honestly, I find myself disconnecting a lot with modern KY shows, especially those who use a certain composer prominently in 2A and 3A. Not bashing him, as he has done some good work, but his shows generally do very little for me and it seems like many groups have gravitated towards him the past few years. Examples of some shows I loved this year though: Lafayette, Anderson, Murray, and North Hardin - Adair is also heading back in the right direction design-wise (again, just towards my personal taste). Lots of Geographic and Mirror image drill (company fronts, etc.) or more nebulous drill. - A mix of both honestly. Flower Mound and the newer shows from Ronald Reagan are great examples of how I wish more KY bands would approach drill. Fewer solos or more solos. - Fewer, unless it's a really specific theme that calls for it. A lot of groups rely too heavily on sidelined featured ensembles throughout basically the entire show, which lessens the impact of a nice group of featured performers. Military-type uniforms that stayed the same for years or single use uniforms that change every year. - Modern military-type uniforms. I love when groups wear something similar to LD Bell 2007/2008, or Lafayette in the 2000s/early 2010s, but also love something like Broken Arrow 2006 where it's traditional and modern mixed... though not so modern anymore I guess. Also love me some Round Rock 2013 (especially the DM unis). Dixie Heights have also had some nice West Point styles in the past, their newer unis aren't too bad either but look better with those lovely white shakos. I don't care for the single use unis at all. In general, they muddy the visuals quite often and just don't work for me personally. I don't hate them, but I just generally don't love any of them. Plumes or nah. - Plumes. All day, every day. Especially a nice white plume. Marching and standing still or marching and doing body movements. - Depends on what the show and specific moments call for. I definitely like seeing some body movements when the ensemble is staying still, but as I'm more of a music guy I tend to pay much more attention to that side of the performance anyways. One drum major or multiple. - Depends on the ensemble size and needs. I've seen some groups using two when they generally could get by with only one, but I don't care honestly. If they feel they need more, then go for it.
  6. Sounds great and the visuals are coming along nicely! 2019 was the first Lafayette show that I've loved in quite a while, and I'm very happy that this show looks to be another that I'll love. Excited to see how it progresses. Great job!
  7. Wondering if Taylor Co. will be actually hosting at their field, or at CU like they've done for some of their other competitions. Interesting to note that Taylor hasn't been in an "East" regional since 1997 (of which Adair was also in 2A East with them at that time), unless they slipped in during the 1999 season - which doesn't have recaps or scores available. The following year, 1998, Taylor returned to 2A West with Adair sticking in 2A East - and Taylor has remained West through (seemingly) this year. Should Adair join them in the East, the last time they were East was in 2004. (All of this is assuming I've not skipped over anything, please forgive me if I did)
  8. No. The reality is that due to people moving "forward without fear" is the reason that the virus has mutated, and yes it will likely mutate again, causing everyone else to suffer. Times are not normal, and the refusal of some to accept that is what has lead to this lasting as long as it has, with as many deaths as we've seen. They absolutely need to block sections off. The season absolutely can go on safely, but huge precautions need to be taken. Blocking sections of seats off shouldn't even be up for debate, it should be one of the first things assumed. As I'm living outside of the US, it's still just so weird for me to see how people in the US react to this. Where I live, strong precautions were taken, and now we're able to pretty freely walk around - and have done so for over a year. With near zero fears. This is because there has been near zero things to fear here. But at the beginning, we were locked down with genuine fear, and treated it as such. It's something that should be feared.
  9. Sadly, it's taken down now. But when several members came out in the various Crown uniforms from previous years.... yeah that made me tear up a bit. This was exciting, entertaining, and somehow calming and reassuring - all in one. This was so badly needed. Great job, Crown!
  10. Hopes: 1.) Band sizes stay consistent or larger than 2019 2.) Performance quality stays consistent or better than 2019 3.) Throw the 6-band finals format in the trash where it belongs, or drop to 4 classes 4.) Less electronics mixed in while playing (I love when they accent the show, some mixing in can be tasteful) 5.) Some solid KMN drama Expectations: 1.) Severe drop in band sizes across the board 2.) Sadly, quite a significant drop in quality 3.) 6-band finals format, 5 classes 4.) Surprising innovation in show design, but that synth is going to soar this year 5.) Some solid KMN drama
  11. SUPER excited for this! This can be a lot of fun. Unlike the movie, I hope they throw some Sunrise in there.
  12. Please relax, you're taking this way more seriously than I meant it. People joke of how often "cancel culture" goes too far, and I sometimes agree. Your post was in relation to that, and I was just posting for others to see the reality of what he actually did and how it's not the same as the "mistakes" you and I make. I had no intention of educating you, that's not my job. It wasn't posted with as serious of a tone as you're taking it to be. Also, just a fun thing I noticed. You talk of cancel culture and then literally in the next sentence tell take my comments elsewhere.
  13. I mean, you did downplay his history in equating it to getting mad at customer service. If you view what I said as extreme, then you should look up his full history.
  14. Yeah, I mean every now and then I stub my toe and then destroy Overhill Cherokee villages or slaughter some Wabash Indian tribes. Just a big 'ol whoops on my part. We've all been there!
  15. I saw that his wife had attended Eastern HS and was in their band program, so I guess it's possible they wanted to be closer to family. Regardless, I'm hoping to see great things from him and the Eastern program. They deserve to have some new life brought into the program.
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