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  1. Unknown

    Overdue for a comeback

    Campbellsville gets my vote.
  2. Unknown

    Overdue for a comeback

    They've gone pretty quiet the past couple of seasons especially. Still putting out something good though from what can be seen, but for me it's really a confusing program - though I get the concert world is their home. I believe last year they did Butler Traditional and Floyd Central/Indiana. Not sure if they did anything else. Would love to see them push more into the marching side of things. I loved their Planets show - I can't remember which year it was, wanting to say 2005/2006 - and have wanted to see them do so much more ever since then. I think they did BOA with that show and did pretty well there as well.
  3. Unknown

    2020 Marching Shows!!

    At first I took that as WAY too dark...
  4. Unknown

    2020 Finals Predictions

    Just a bit of teasing of course Hoping for great things from Cumberland this coming season!
  5. Unknown

    2020 Finals Predictions

    They certainly could place that high, but I'm hoping they do so cooperatively.
  6. Unknown

    Corona Talk

    Not to get political, but... puppies are kinda the best honestly. Hot take.
  7. Unknown

    2020 Finals Predictions

    It's a discussion board though, for all discussions that are relevant. Everyone should be able to discuss things in a mature way. We are all on the same side with this. We all want things to go without a single issue. I do truly hope things go better than any of us expect. Students need to just be focused on staying inside and still making sure to practice - that will help make things as smooth as possible once things do resume. Nobody here is trying to tear things down, we're just commenting on what we're seeing.
  8. Unknown

    2020 Finals Predictions

    I don't want to keep with the negativity, but I really don't expect a season, and expect it to go even deeper than that. This will effect future seasons as far as numbers go. Right now, middle school bands aren't able to keep students engaged, and starting band isn't able to recruit during a time most are recruiting. I really think 6th grade band will be hurting all across the state (or 5th grade, for you fancy schools out there). This will have an effect on the high school bands going forward, even if for just a couple of seasons. As mentioned, a lot of schools will have camps that begin in June, some have percussion or guard camps that start earlier. But a bigger issue is recruitment. A bad concert season, leads to a bad marching season, in more ways than one.
  9. That is fantastic to hear that they've stepped up to take action like this. Thank you for reporting, because I wouldn't have heard of this otherwise. I've been living in China for a few years now, and as most can guess it has been quite scary here at times during the past few months. The city I live in stepped up and took immediate actions to prevent things from getting as bad as it has in most other cities here. Being proactive like that is what helped save people. It absolutely sucked having things be more difficult, and schools here had to do exactly what UK is now doing - online education. But it is 100% for the best. No inconvenience can outweigh the alternative, which is having this virus destroy our communities. We need state and local governments to step up and be proactive in this. I hope everyone can keep a calm mind, and use common sense when it comes to how you deal with things. Don't panic - wash your hands frequently - and stay indoors and away from people as much as possible.
  10. Unknown

    SMBC 2020 Location

    It's possible we could see less drastic moving around actually due to there being more groups in each class to be compared to with this (even if it's just two additional groups), but maybe I'm being wishful with that thinking. I would still much rather it drop to four classes if they're using 6 finalists, but I do think some of the concerns being voiced here are a bit much. I do see it potentially helping with groups moving around so much (unless it's deserved, and sometimes it genuinely IS deserved for a group to go from 4th to 1st), and I do think long-term it will actually help in competitiveness as these groups will now be pushing towards the top 3 to place (or 1st place) instead of simply working to just make finals. Due to how small 5A is though, that is the biggest class where I do not see this change helping, and that's why I really want to see it drop back to four classes unless things change with 5A groups returning. But I also don't see it hurting the class either - other than the logistical nightmare that they, along with everyone else, will have to face at SMBC.
  11. Unknown

    SMBC 2020 Location

    I'm still a bit torn on the change, definitely more on the side of it needing to have stayed at 4 finalists - at most 5 finalists (or my preferred system of four classes of 5/6 finalists). But I would think the emphasis would now mentally be on making top 3 in your class at finals. If there's a big focus on that during the retreat, then to me it would help make this change better. For some groups right now, just making finals is their goal. But this could give an even bigger push for them at finals to shoot for that top 3 or top spot. With an optimistic view, it might actually increase competitiveness as more groups would be in the mix to make that finals performance push.
  12. Unknown

    Woodwinds in DCI?

    I personally think it's silly to not at least allow it in the pit. Everything else is allowed, but flutes are the devil. Piccolos I agree with being banned, permanently and under blood oath. But I'll never understand not allowing the rest to at least be in the pit for features. But I'm also going to enjoy now getting a second round of meltdowns one day in the future, so at least there's that to look forward to!
  13. Unknown

    2020 Predictions

    Class 5A: It will be very interesting to see Madison get their 6th state title since 2016. I love when schools tell math to disappear! I'm so sick of math taking over, and I fully support this revolution! DOWN WITH NUMBERS! Legit though: Washington will not drop kids to stay in 1A because that just does not happen. As for everything else, it's insane to try and make predictions at this point. We have no idea what programs will be looking like come marching season 2020, and we have no idea what directors will be shifting around. Those at the top will mostly stay at the top, those at the bottom will mostly stay at the bottom. Everything else is anyone's guess. To say that it's too early to make predictions would be an understatement. Go enjoy concert band season.
  14. Unknown

    Woodwinds in DCI?

    Well, once it's tried then it will be near impossible for them to revert unless there happened to be a change up top. Otherwise it would look really bad to let them in, then cut them out. I 100% think they should be allowed to at least be in the pit or as stationary small ensembles. Strings are allowed, but not woodwinds? A koto or qanun is fine... but a Clarinet is the devil? Ok boss. As far as on the field, I can see it helping in groups that are participating in Soundsport and wish to move to Open Class. They can now retain members and their original missions. Along with Soundsport groups now having more of a reason to go to Open Class, current smaller Open Class corps would have more talent to pull in to help grow their groups as well - which results in more ticket sales at some of the smaller OC events. More members participating and a larger audience.
  15. Unknown

    Grand Nationals

    For the most part, it is a high school activity. (___ High School band you may take the field...) So if that truly was the case, then it wasn't a case of that child being left out when they were in 7th grade. It was a case of them getting an extra privilege in 8th grade for qualifying for a high school activity. In general, I don't believe 7th grade should be on the field at all. I believe their focus should be on mastering their instrument in a concert setting and not being distracted with marching band. There are always exceptions to that, and some can handle it, and it sounds like this would allow those students a chance to partake in an activity that is for high school students. Same with the 8th grade students. You just mentioned how that student worked harder and came back to make it. They got five years of what would normally be a four year activity, sounds like that should've been their mental focus.