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  1. SUPER excited for this! This can be a lot of fun. Unlike the movie, I hope they throw some Sunrise in there.
  2. Please relax, you're taking this way more seriously than I meant it. People joke of how often "cancel culture" goes too far, and I sometimes agree. Your post was in relation to that, and I was just posting for others to see the reality of what he actually did and how it's not the same as the "mistakes" you and I make. I had no intention of educating you, that's not my job. It wasn't posted with as serious of a tone as you're taking it to be. Also, just a fun thing I noticed. You talk of cancel culture and then literally in the next sentence tell take my comments elsewhere.
  3. I mean, you did downplay his history in equating it to getting mad at customer service. If you view what I said as extreme, then you should look up his full history.
  4. Yeah, I mean every now and then I stub my toe and then destroy Overhill Cherokee villages or slaughter some Wabash Indian tribes. Just a big 'ol whoops on my part. We've all been there!
  5. I saw that his wife had attended Eastern HS and was in their band program, so I guess it's possible they wanted to be closer to family. Regardless, I'm hoping to see great things from him and the Eastern program. They deserve to have some new life brought into the program.
  6. It's because we do not know the situation fully. What if there is/was something serious going on in his personal life that could have caused him to need that extra money? I'm not saying this is the case, but it's just as possible as assuming it's purely neglect. In a perfect world, yes his student's education would have to come first. But, the world isn't perfect right now. In reality he has to put him and his family first, and hard decisions have to be made. One could also argue that him stepping down right now might also very well be him putting the students first in knowing he can
  7. Should this be true, then it is of course wrong and would be extremely disappointing to hear. That said, I still stand that this is not the place to speculate or discuss this.
  8. "He's made some...rather questionable choices in his personal life" Don't you see how the way you originally stated it can come off blatantly malicious? Of course you do. But as always, it has to be a game of "look at what I know". That's why you couldn't resist posting that little tidbit. Do you think he made that decision just for the fun of it? Or is it more likely a choice he needed to make? Quit playing this game. This isn't the place for it. This is his life, his livelihood. Post that there's an opening, that he left for his own personal reasons, and quit tr
  9. Lovely. But, no. Though I do not know the program as well as you seem to, I do know Mike decently well. This is simply not the place to pull in someone's personal life and spread rumors. Now, getting back to the real topic at hand. I do expect that David Centers will not be interested. He seems to be quite happy with his change of pace. Though, I'd love to be wrong about this!
  10. This is completely out of line and needs to be deleted. This has zero founding in reality.
  11. Agreed, really think most wouldn't do this. Plus, all of my family is still there in KY so I'm keeping up with how it's going as well as I can. I just want to see the US get back to at least the point that we are here in my current country, and the US is a long ways away from taking the steps needed to do that. Marching band will put so many kids and their families at risk. A long and strong concert season can lead to an amazing, and safe, 2021 marching season. If things are calmer in the winter, maybe we can see more winter groups pop up.
  12. Let me give some perspective from someone living in another country. I live overseas, and the country I'm in is able to function somewhat normally now. We have been able to go to work and go around cities, with masks, for a few months now. Schools reopened last month. If someone in a school or a company has two or more symptoms, everyone stays home for the day while test results occur. If it's negative, back to normal the following day. Positive, then you are at home for two weeks. You get your temperature scanned before entering your office or school each morning, and we have an app that show
  13. It would be completely irresponsible to have a season. I say that in regards to UIL as well - ESPECIALLY UIL, actually. Look at the case trend in Texas... The cases are trending upwards nationally, and here in Kentucky it is spiking up and down, with some days being drastically higher than other days (as opposed to Texas, which is just a lovely skyrocket upwards). If there is a season, it's almost a certainty that at least one of the bands would have someone come in and spread it through the group. Is marching band really worth that risk? Even with wearing masks - camps and rehearsal
  14. They've gone pretty quiet the past couple of seasons especially. Still putting out something good though from what can be seen, but for me it's really a confusing program - though I get the concert world is their home. I believe last year they did Butler Traditional and Floyd Central/Indiana. Not sure if they did anything else. Would love to see them push more into the marching side of things. I loved their Planets show - I can't remember which year it was, wanting to say 2005/2006 - and have wanted to see them do so much more ever since then. I think they did BOA with that show and did
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