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  1. Beechwood 90.35 Murray 87.8 Williamstown 87.2 Hazard 86.85
  2. This was the "year of the flute soloists", but Murray's flute soloist was absolutely phenomenal.
  3. Class A 4th: Paris 3rd: Williamstown 2nd: Murray 1st: Beechwood Class AA 4th: CAL 3rd: Owensboro Catholic 2nd: Trigg 1st: Glasgow Class AAA 4th: Garrad 3rd: Russell 2nd: Adair 1st: Bourbon Class AAAA 4th: South Oldham 3rd: Grant County 2nd: Anderson County 1st: Madisonville Class AAAAA 4th: North Hardin 3rd: PLD 2nd: Madison Central 1st: Lafayette
  4. It's going to be close, but I think Adair has it this time. Watching Anderson now, let's see if they can take Madisonville off their throne.
  5. You can't compare scores from the East to the West. Sure Murray and Paris both scored that, but Murray also won the West by 6 points. It's apples to oranges. Murray will score higher when they are back to back against Beechwood, Hazard, etc.
  6. Beechwood's woodwinds are significantly better than their brass, Murray has the show design to do it, and Hazard is very clean across the board, more visually than musically. Finally, I wouldn't be surprised if I saw Paris upset Williamstown for the 4th spot in finals.
  7. I'm excited to see what Tates Creek can pull off later in the season.
  8. I'm just excited to see what O-Cath will do. How about Todd County Central making a comeback?
  9. I won't be surprised in the SLIGHTEST if O-Cath takes home a Governor's Cup in the next 2 years. Heck, the 2012 2A state champion didn't even score a distinguished rating in finals.
  10. I have a feeling that O-Cath will shock 2A.
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