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  1. Boone doesn't compete anymore so why would they support KMEA? Just saying. They do however go to district festival. So you can say they support or they don't, but really, who cares? A competition is a competition whether the band supports the state it's in by competing in the state or not.
  2. I like the approach. Lol. And if a band going into state finals in 4th place and coming out in 1st and going on to place a very respectful place in their class at BOA Grand Nats, it is definitely possible. This is just pitiful. This was always my favorite competition when we went. There was always AT LEAST 20 bands sometimes A LOT more.
  3. The reason I deleted that post was because Hale went off on the band, and my friends from there called me about it and I deleted it out of respect to Hale, Bourbon County, and my friends. Yes, they have performed, but as we all know, Bourbon NEVER performs their whole show first weekend out. So, I deleted it bc it was a wrong thing to do. And just because you know nobody from their band, doesn't mean you have to say what their show is. You don't know how it ends bc what I said previously was wrong since they have changed the show since I was last updated about it.
  4. I'm not over exaggerating. Me and my best friend switched over to Sousa our senior year. We weighed them and they came out at 45.3 pounds. I agree, their voice overs are pretty good. It's not nonsense like some shows. Some shows try to pull off the voice overs and it can be a real drag to sit through, especially when you get the monotone voice overs. Lol. Harrison County 99 was FANTASTIC!
  5. You are going to regret saying that dude. Trust me. I regretted it.
  6. 30? Try 45 pounds but feels like a 1000 when you're tired. Lol.
  7. Well, I did reveal it on the Rowan thread after they performed, but I got yelled at by friends from there bc Hale saw it and flipped out on them so I had to remove it. Once they get the whole show on the field I'll explain it to ya. Haha.
  8. I have been there. Back in 07 we lost 2 girls who were in the band and quit, but everyone was still REALLY close to them and we all loved them. But we went to the Powell Competition that weekend and performed for them and came out winning.
  9. I do agree with it being annoying when they malfunction. But here are my points for liking them. 1. A Synth adds more color and can produce sounds that most instruments cant. I understand it when people don't like them if your using the bass on it trying to produce more bass, because you just need to recruit more if you can't produce the bass that you need or pick a show that isn't as bass heavy. But if you're using it for say the string sounds or some kind of future-ific sounds, then I say go for it if it adds to the show. If you need string sounds, how are you going to get that unless y
  10. I'm as bored as a blind man in a strip club

  11. Me and a friend have been having this discussion on facebook. Do electronics in marching band help a band in pulling off their show? Do they add to the show, or take away? Do they just annoy you?
  12. I believe its Tates Creek in AAAAA and not West Jessamine. XD
  13. Something like a directors choice award. Harrison's Board of Education President gives out an award like that.
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