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  1. derhollehund

    "Just For Fun" state finalists 2012

    hints why i said *just for fun* as the title ;P
  2. derhollehund

    "Just For Fun" state finalists 2012

    You can defiantly move up and then go back... thanks boyle co! for moving into 4a for a year! my senior year...that we got 17th at quarters... :'(
  3. A. 1.beechwood 2.williamsTOWN (comp auto completed) 3. hazard 4. murray AA. 1. DANVILLE! 2. Glassgow 3. Washington Co. 4. LaRue Co. AAA. 1. BOYLE! 2. Burbon 3. Adair 4. Taylor AAAA. 1. Madville N. Hop. 2. Mercer 3. John Hardin 4. Marion AAAAA. 1. PLD 2. Lafayette 3. North Hardin 4. Creek ps... what happend to shelby co?
  4. derhollehund

    Want to Start an Indoor Line

    yea... im pretty sure we did something like that at east jessamine and almost got bumped up in 09 jonathan and another guy was the directors in which we came in 2nd our first year but thats what we did just asked our director if we could... fun times
  5. derhollehund

    Your Experience at WKU

    wku... ok... great acoustics, everything else... no, just no, ticket master sucked, traffic sucked, drive was wayyy to long, the ville is a fairly central place (uk being the place it should be... something good has to occupy that stadium) im a ville fan!
  6. Not really meaning anything by it but looking in from an outside view, I was at 3a semis and I would have to disagree. Bourbons show musically was all over the place in semis, Adair was very good, Boyle absolutely had their best run of the season or close to it, as for Garrard tuning was their main issue, Russell had a great run, as well as Taylor. Boyle (I thought) shouldve had second behind Adair followed by Bourbon then either Rus, Tay, or Gar. (Garrard being probably last in this list) I am from Jessamine co. so I'm neutral in this just speaking my mind. I would also have to say that it seems something weird was going on in the booth... music judges giving 111 222 333 444 555 but then after that scoring was all over the place????? idk but, it seems as if that would be very VERY unlikely to guess the top 5 in exact order especially when the rest of the scores were all over the place, theres nothing that can be done about it and would also have to say all state finalist bands did extremely well and I am very happy with all of the great music programs coming out of all of the schools around the state I hope that the support for the arts will keep these programs in schools so that we can all continue to watch these excellent bands perform! East jessamine: '03,'04-'08,'09