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    And obviously reading everyones opinion about band.
  1. Speaking specifically of Bands in Lexington, I believe the accomplishments of PLD and LHS have fueled the development of Marching Programs in the other Lexington High Schools and ultimately enriched the quality of Music Education in all Fayette County Elementary and Middle Schools as well.
  2. Apparently the 5A "Bloodbath" isnt on the field.... its on the Forum. XD
  3. I believe Lafayette went first in finals in the Indy Super last season, sometimes not such a good thing :\ I know its a different time and place but best of luck to the PLD Band!
  4. The after show consisted of a woodwind player on acoustic guitar and a singer performing the chorus of sweet child of mine
  5. In the third movement, 7 trombone players are thrown flags and do flag work in front of the "innovation" cube
  6. Dunbar is looking like a top 2 as always. My pick for Nov 1st right now, they look and sound ahead of lafayette but I question how the effect scores will look at BOA vs KMEA... you can never count out on how clean lafayette can get once everythings on the field. After seing both groups on the live stream this afternoon I see Dunbar over the big L for today but in two weeks....who knows?!
  7. The one year the line i was on used Evans Hybrid Greys, Every single head pulled, not only along the bearing edge, in the center of the drum! that kinda left a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to evans hybrids. Evans makes GREAT drumset heads though! i am a personal fan of the REMO White MAX, Durable and have just enough give to support fast rolls without feeling like your still playing on a drum pad out of your 5th grade bell kit. As far as the sound your looking for... tuning is all about balance, through achieving the ideal balance of not only top and bottom head, but also the tensi
  8. Reports that the device detonated directly behind the music department and colorgaurd was on field at the time... Scary stuff for students at LHS
  9. Statement on FCPS Facebook Page... "All student activities on ALL SCHOOL CAMPUSES are cancelled today, July 23. This is a precautionary measure, out of an abundance of caution. We found three homemade explosive devices near the rear of the Lafayette bus lot. One of those self-detonated and the other two were deactivated. No one was injured. Law enforcement officials will be searching all high school campuses to ensure everyone's safety."
  10. Rumor Mill says Lafayette is doing a Disney Music show???? possibly including music selections from the Magic Kingdom fireworks show entitled "Wishes." ...i'm slightly intrigued by the concept anyway
  11. Sunday, June 22nd DCI makes its stop in lexington at Paul Laurence Dunbar High school. Conpetition is listed as a "Premier" season event. Get ready for Drum corps in KY!
  12. 1.) Lafayette 92.15 2.) Dunbar 91.25 3.) Madison Central 90.?
  13. 5A East Quarters delayed one hour due to Rain
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