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  1. The only thing I know (I'm not even 100% sure of it) but East Jessamine is I think 7th. We were all too excited to tell what Mr. Johnson said. All I can say for sure is that East Jessamine is in Semifinals. Been too long.
  2. Yes they messed up on the listing for 4A (or lack thereof in this case). East and Marion are both 4A.
  3. Tim, I respect your review. Yes the show has sort of a mix of stuff from different movies which include Angels in the Outfield and Field of Dreams. The basic concept of coming out through the corn and what not is based off of the scene in Field of Dreams. From my understanding, the third movement is just Mr. Johnson's jazz style rendition of Take Me Out to the Ball Game. The third movement was actually way too fast. We will be slowing it down for Rowan County. And we will be adding our 4th movement as well so that will change a bit too. The props are just a stand if for what will be going on l
  4. Just sayin, East Jess. deserves a little love here.
  5. I'm pretty sure that is the 1st time it has happened since we have had it.
  6. I feel the same way. When I have friends who are seniors as well and they won't get to compete this year, it makes me upset.
  7. Some things are better left unsaid. I can't say much in the case of Bourbon County (mostly because I was on the bottom row of the visitor's side). But that is Mr. Hale's call to have the set in the show and the matter in which he incorporates it. And Heisenberg... ...not cool.
  8. And that is the kind of impression we are trying to make on people this year. But there is still more to come friends.
  9. But I will say, that turf was very hot. Standing out there for prelim awards felt like I was standing in a bed of hot coals and my shoes were melting on to the coals. But those girls were rushed to UK for 2nd degree burns.
  10. Well bear mind to the fact to that a good portion of our band this year is new to marching and they have never marched anything to that extent.
  11. i'm taking all of this to the next level. I'm tired of the useless cutting of band programs around the country. I have spread it to DCI and several of the Drum Corps in hopes that fans and members will sign and spread this. Call me crazy but it needs national attention.
  12. Yeah it is based off of the movie. Just like the show in 95 was. Only with modern technology, we can enhance it and make it a new show in a sense.
  13. Well it looks like PLD, Lafayette, and Adair are taking all of the attention here (No surprise. Nothing against them though.) but i'll give it a shot anyways. If you remember back from Jessamine County High School 1995, you will remember their show for that year. Well this year, with Mr. Johnson still as the director, the show this year for East Jessamine High School will be... "Field of Dreams"
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