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  1. Wow Russell and Bourbon were VERY impressive. I think I'll go with Bourbon by less than a point.
  2. Hoping to make the trip up. Just watched the North Hardin run from yesterday. Wow, the show is gorgeous!
  3. Congrats to all the finalists on battling the rain and your nerves! Wonderful performances by all! Not often (or ever) do you see someone beat Dunbar and Lafayette but not win the class. That's what's stood out to me.
  4. Agreed. This type of weather isn't exactly ideal for your job. We appreciate it.
  5. That witch is performing!! She is STILL laying on those embers LOL. Great show Estill! First time I've seen it. No wonder we've heard so much this year.
  6. Stupid Internet went out so I missed all of 1A. Love love love Murray's show this year!
  7. Well so much for the close spread I predicted between 4th and 5th. 6 points!!
  8. 5A is so good. I hate to see some of these bands miss out.
  9. I was thinking maybe Dunbar out and Tates Creek in. I think they'll be close!
  10. My predictions Madison Central Lafayette North Hardin Dunbar Tates Creek
  11. I agree Steph. Dixie was very strong. That percussion feature was fantastic!
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