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  1. HMMusic

    Drum sets in Marching

    Yes, the word small does have two letter "l"s, thank you for bringing that to light for editing. Good looking out!
  2. Band Hornline and Corps Brassline warm-ups are always available compliments of Hans Maestro Music! Click the link to access the warm-ups page and don't forget to spread the word and tag us on your performances! FREE WARM UPS facebook :horntooter: :horntooter: :horntooter:
  3. HMMusic

    Drill design

    There will always be a market for this. Music programs nationwide vary in size and funding. Some directors benefit from purchasing an entire show, complete with drill and design suggestions. Some directors have the means to hire an entire design staff, and others have a little bit of both worlds. If your work is exceptional, the next step is setting up your website/business and putting yourself out there! Maybe contact some arrangers that have their prewritten arrangements for sale and figure out what you'd need to sell it all as a package, etc. Best to you!
  4. HMMusic

    Thoughts on the movie "Drumline"?

    The marching arts world has more than one genre, perse. The style represented in that movie is more of a show that some east coast college bands are known for having. The entertainment value depends on the audience, and there is definitely an audience for that style of marching band. There is also a large audience for the more militant style marching and discipline style of marching band (or drum corps). And finally, there is a fine mix between the two, which is the way some drum corps are leaning towards nowadays, and receiving positive audience reactions from it.
  5. HMMusic

    Drum sets in Marching

    I really think it depends what music is written for the set player to determine whether it's a good "fit" for the show design. That, of course, is more of a design response than anything...but as long as you have a solid show concept (as a staff) and students that are willing to take on the challenge, drum set can work well as a part of the pit, if even in just a small feature.
  6. As the marching band season is starting, many groups will first be rehearsing our National Anthem for their home games and other events. Directors, feel free to check out this arrangement of The Star Spangled Banner, featuring quotes of Amazing Grace, Battle Hymn of The Repulbic, Dixie and America The Beautiful. This arrangement allows for creative staging of the Trumpet section, allowing these musical quotes to be displaced and not overbearing on our National Anthem. This piece is published by Jalen and accessible here. Also, feel free to take a look at this new set of variations of "GO FIGHT WIN", FREE to your organization! Keep your team's fans, and the opposing team's band, on their toes with 7 variations of this, the most traditional pep tune! ENJOY!!
  7. Hey Everyone! If you are still in need of a musical arrangement for this upcoming fall season, I've had a couple of deadlines met early and could assist with last minute needs. You'll find samples and pricing information at www.hansmaestromusic/marching-music Best of luck to all groups this year!
  8. HMMusic

    Have a cadence!...or 2

    A couple of new cadences have just been published for public use. Feel free to download the MP3's at our soundcloud site: AUTOMATON WITH A SHOT OF ESPRESSO And a complimentary PDF of the sheet music at our typescripts page: http://hansmaestroma...music/?cat=2220 ENJOY!
  9. As the concert season comes to a close, and many organizations start prepping for the marching seasons to come, warm-up books start to play a helpful role. Playing Technique, Marching & Playing Technique, Chord Sequence and Ensemble warm-ups are always available for FREE DOWNLOAD , as a resource to your organization! All warmups are also available scored for Marching Band Horns or Drum Corps Brass. Have a great summer! http://hansmaestromanuscripts.musicaneo.com/sheetmusic/?cat=2219&size=50