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  1. Mr. Yoo telling an Asian joke in front of the whole band.
  2. My Freshman year my mouthpiece flew out of my trumpet at the opening hit. I decided not to pick it up because I thought it would hurt our score. This was at BOA Super Regional in St. Louis. I have this problem with keeping my tongue in my mouth and I was on the jumbo-tron with no mouthpiece and my tongue hanging out of my mouth. I've been told to have had a close up on the DVD as well.
  3. Murray has 7 trumpets. 4 seniors 1 junior 1 sophomore 1 freshman
  4. lol.. Funny but true, it says "tuba," not Contra or Sousaphone.
  5. Breaking News! There was an old tenor sax on the truck!
  6. The truck did not explode, and I believe the cause is still to be determined. The golf cart is battery powered and was merely stored on the truck. The box and the golf cart according to someone in the know were the only things destroyed. I spoke with a booster officer on the scene and it is thought the tires are fine, the cab and engine are fine, and thank goodness the gas tank did not explode. Hopefully, the box can be rebuilt and the MTB truck will hit the road again.
  7. Either one is a good contest to attend. Although I find it funny that BOA's slogan is Music for All and the tickets cost a small fortune.(for a marching band contest)
  8. Before arguing your point try using proper grammar.
  9. Socioeconomics???? Follow the Money and let's compare budgets.
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