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  1. Under the direction of non other than....Tom Case!
  2. formerbulldog

    New System

    There needs to be a development in KMEA that contains an umbrella for statewide competitions and state finals for concert band, jazz band, orchestra's, show choir, mens choir, womens choir, mixed choir. However this takes, dedication, perseverance, and everyone coming together to be on the same page.
  3. Waynesville 2019* Results 01/26/2019 [ Download Recap | Close Window | Print Scores ] Check the full recap for placement within Division for Scholastic Regional A-2 Junior 1 Kings Juniors 37.32 Scholastic Regional A-2 1 Fairfield High School JV Winter Guard 55.08 2 West Clermont High School Winterguard 47.39 3 Lakota East JV 45.15 4 Campbell Co JV 44.55 5 Beechwood Junior Varsity 44.38 6 Russell Independent Varsity Winterguard 43.75 7 Bellevue Winter Guard 41.98 8 Highlands JV Winterguard 40.95 9 West Union Winter Guard 38.74 10 Moeller/MND Winterguard 37.06 11 Wyoming Winter Guard 36.02 Scholastic Regional A 1 Milford High School A 65.78 2 Madison Southern Orange Winter Guard 57.24 3 Sycamore Winter Guard 53.41 4 Conner High School 49.33 5 Highlands Varsity Winter Guard 48.76 Scholastic A-2 1 Larry A. Ryle High School 58.68 2 Fairfield High School Varsity Winter Guard 56.22 3 Beechwood 56.18 4 Lakota East Varsity Winter Guard 53.51 5 Campbell Co Varsity Winterguard 53.18 Scholastic A 1 Kings HS 61.51 2 La Salle 60.95 Independent A 1 Black Diamond Independent 61.19 Scholastic Open 1 Milford High School Open 64.20 [ Download Recap | Close Window | Print Scores ]
  4. Certainly there should be 5 stadiums to hold 16 bands for a semi-state, either in the lexington area or the louisville area. That being said, at some of the semi-states in Indiana, like Ben Davis when they get to the halfway point in that show, parking becomes absolutely atrocious. In a perfect world it would be pretty cool to maybe host AAAA & AAAAA at Commonwealth or Cardinal Stadium
  5. 01-26-2019 Waynesville 2019* at 12:00 PM Venue : Waynesville High School 02-02-2019 Pulaski Co 2019* at 10:00 AM Venue : Pulaski Co High School 02-09-2019 Henryville 2019* at 12:00 PM Venue : Henryville High School 02-16-2019 Conner 2019 at 02:00 PM Venue : Conner HS 02-23-2019 Campbell Co 2019 at 10:00 AM Venue : Campbell Co HS 03-02-2019 Bryan Station 2019 at 10:00 AM Venue : Bryan Station HS 03-09-2019 Floyd Central 2019 at 12:00 PM Venue : Floyd Central HS 03-16-2019 John Hardin 2019 at 10:00 AM Venue : John Hardin HS 03-16-2019 Milford 2019 at 10:00 AM Venue : Milford HS 03-23-2019 TMA 2019 Championships Weekend 1-Ryle HS at 10:00 AM Venue : Ryle High School 03-30-2019 TMA 2019 Championships Weekend 2 - BB&T Arena at 10:00 AM Venue : BB&T Arena (NKU Campus) Check out the competition at a show near you. Complete schedule and results can be found at http://www.tristatemarchingarts.org
  6. formerbulldog

    2019 Bands of America schedule

    Lawrence Central traveled to Louisville in 2004 with their show "LaRosa" and won the regional, and also won Grand Nationals to no ones surprise. Marian Cathollic will never make an early season trip like that. They are never prepared on the field for that. Hopefully for some of the first timers who went to Grand Nationals (Casey County, Russell, Christian Academy of Louisville, etc, had really great experiences) that they would attend a regional. With the FFA in Indy for the next 1,000 years, the Indy regional will always be in mid October. Probably the weekend of regionals or such so bands not doing KMEA could potentially do it, but no big names.
  7. It happens every year for ISSMA. The semi stare is held at 4 sites in the Indy area, and finals at The Can. That's just how it is. Just doing a tad of research 3 hours is about the max amount of time. Except for Paducah which is roughly 4 hours, and even 3 1/2 hours to Louisville. Having 8 bands in finals (in most classes) also diminishes the prestige and elite-ness of making finals. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to be happy. Also, just as a possibility, finals will not always be in Lexington. There is Bowling Green, Louisville, and Lexington. AAAAA Semi- State doesn't need to be held at a college stadium. Class A in Indiana is held at Ben Davis every year and they do just fine. Also if you look at the bottom of my post, my proposal has regionals staying in tact. HA! Cluster? Have you been to ISSMA state finals?? That is the definition of a Cluster!!!!
  8. While they necessarily don't need to be near each other, it does help if staff works with multiple groups. I feel like Lexington would be the best area to host semi's. ISSMA has four schools roughly around Indy that host semi-finals. They start at 1pm and end around 6pm and that is with 20 bands. Surely with 16 bands (semi-finals on one saturday), KMEA could conquer that. As for the bands who do not make state. I'm sure there would be some (I have no idea of a percentage) of kids who want to go to state, just to see bands they haven't been able to see all year, and geek out. This does happen. Also if you have 40 bands at State finals, and hold off on awards until the end, There will be a hefty crowd. Now fitting 40 bands on the field..ehh that shouldn't be too hard, given the size of the bands. minus the 4a and 5a. For instance: October 19th - Regionals October 26th - Semi State November 2nd - State Finals
  9. I would like to see a breakdown in the specs of this comparison, considering 2019 hasn't occurred yet. KMEA can still have 3 weekends of competitions. 1) Your East/West Regional's with the top 8 from each side going onto semi-state 2) Semi-State held at the 4 largest stadiums in the Lexington area, since that is probably most centralized. (16 bands) 3) State Finals - 40 bands.
  10. I'm guessing....you can't say?? LOL
  11. Thank you! so much.... I think this will be a pretty good system
  12. Would there be an option to compete in the next class up? (In North Hardin's interest) Also....just wondering where Knock County is at? LOL
  13. In ISSMA, sitting through 10 bands a Class can sometimes be taxing. Why? Because they are just ehhh.... Seating for finals at LOS is not assigned. However, when the last 2 bands go on, if you leave the stadium, you will NOT get back in until they are announcing the bands off the field in placement order. From personal experience...it is a HUGE Cluster****. BIGLY! I'd recommend to wait until the end of the night to announce awards in KMEA because some classes will perform to 10 ppl. This would also give kids to watch bands they have not been able to see otherwise. To be brutally honest, bands in Kentucky in some of the 5 classes are not 8 deep. OH one thing KMEA needs to add is Buttercup! Those familiar with ISSMA will know what I'm talking about....LOL
  14. formerbulldog

    Funny jokes

    Why is a building called a building when it's already built?
  15. formerbulldog

    BIG changes to kmea next year

    First off, I agree, Hebron got the shaft. Had they gone on in the second half, they would have won. However, going on first, they still placed 3rd. And this only happened once in 35 years? So it's not really a travesty. On the state level however, if you believe a split is necessary, well you're saying the classes aren't that deep. ISSMA doesn't split their draw. Homestead drew first in Class A this year, and held their own finishing 3rd. The national level is totally different than state. And the philosophy of "everyone else does it" well just doesn't hold. That's my opinion.