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  1. formerbulldog

    Indianapolis Super Regional Prelims Schedule

    They didn't make finals at Grand nats last year
  2. formerbulldog

    Indianapolis Super Regional Prelims Schedule

    Tarpon is not coming Huge Congratulations to North Hardin for winning Class AA and music, visual, and ge
  3. formerbulldog

    Madison Scouts Open to All Genders

    With how the Scouts have been the last few years, I see this as a bonus. Also is it open to "all genders?" or male / female......big differences there. There is a tradition thing I am fighting with, because it seems there are no longer traditions of anything. Hell, next year, just announce corps, A,B,C etc...and we can try to figure out who they are. Well the Cavvies we'll know. I haven't seen any shows and will not until Championships. I won't know who half of them are...LOL.... I do think ever kid in todays marching arts should have to march one outdoor show in a wool uniform....them mo-fo's were fricking hot!!!!!!
  4. formerbulldog

    Director and/or staff misconduct

    Well common sense should prevail and if everyone had the mentality of #DFTK......The world would be a better place
  5. formerbulldog

    Director and/or staff misconduct

    Fraternize was the word I was looking for. Thank you! That would be my thoughts as well.
  6. formerbulldog

    Director and/or staff misconduct

    There is now a digital footprint that doesn't lie. While the age of consent is 16 in Kentucky, is there not a rule about superiors (like teachers, staff, everyone in general) about #DFTK?? Example: ABC Band hires a newly graduated high school boy for a tech position in band. Billy Bob is 19. He meets Sassy Sally who is 17, in the clarinet section. They toot each others horns, should Billy Bob be fired, arrested, prosecuted? Because he was in an authoritative position. The sexes on the above can be switched or even same sex. What are everyone's thoughts?
  7. formerbulldog

    Director and/or staff misconduct

    https://www.dailybulletin.com/2019/04/11/rancho-cucamonga-band-teacher-dies-by-suicide-after-learning-of-police-investigation-officials-say/ I think it is 50/50. read the above article....there's more. But sad in general. Kids trying to be older than they are on social media on certain apps. It is happening way to much. IE, when a male or female is communicating with someone they are believed to be of age (because to be on said sites you HAVE to enter a birth date that populates to the age of 18. At this point that young person knows right from wrong. This director was communicating, and regardless of communication, believed this person was of age. Then the parent gets all bent out of shape and addresses it with the school. My question would be, why is your kid trying to portray a legal adult when they are not. I'm familiar with a couple of cases this has happened. Unfortunately, the person in the right is the one crucified because that is how society works. GUILTY first.....It's sad.......I wish we could go back to 1975 when it was simple.
  8. formerbulldog

    Director and/or staff misconduct

    There is always going to be a bad apple in anything and everything in life. Yes. However, there comes a point when there needs to be consequences for actions. A slap on the wrist, and people will go, "oh great...I can do this and just get a smack on the hand." Or depending on where you are at, serve time in jail. In Indy at a high school, a guy volunteering with the track team couldn't keep his pole vault in his pants, and is now going to be serving 9 years in jail. It baffles me how localities vary on stuff like this for penalties. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Once all the facts come out, then let the punishment fit the crime. BigOleBob, I was half way kidding yes. But something needs to be done to put a jolt into anyones mind who might think..."Oh this is okay, I'm not going to get caught" just my 2 cents
  9. formerbulldog

    Copyright claim from Box5

    I saw this in the reddit discussion, but I'm not on there yet. Here is my thought on videos, I often share with people videos of marching bands especially from kentucky to my friends who are curious about the little bands that can. This draws an interest. I do the same with winter guard videos. Trying to explain winter guard to people without having video is an extremely tough thing. Video is also a great recruiting tool. But let's do away with videos and everything visual, and just talk things up.........
  10. formerbulldog

    Director and/or staff misconduct

    With the relevance of social media coming into play in today's world, common sense would tell one, #DFTK. I guess some people just think it is okay to play with fire. But when they get burned, cry fowl. I think castration is a viable option.
  11. formerbulldog

    2019 Job board

    Well apparently Hopkinsville HS is going to be open..........
  12. formerbulldog

    Great Crossing High School

    Or maybe they would like to experience the thrill of competition.
  13. formerbulldog

    Great Crossing High School

    Why? Because Scott County doesn't? Reason's why they can be in the hunt next year, Ronald Reagan, Weiss, Vandergrift, Kennesaw Mountain. It can happen!
  14. formerbulldog

    KY Band BOA Participation

    It had been long rumored that when the year they didn't win Class A they would take the year off. However, with the double panel crap they encountered last year, they should have been in semi's. But I digress.
  15. formerbulldog

    BOA Muncie IN.

    That would be fantastic!