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  1. I hope so! I'm very excited about it all.
  2. Yeah it's definetly a fun experience. Our principal and superintendent even grilled for us at the hopkinsville show! I'm having to transfer to Henderson Co High school here next week after marching band at Dawson is over. I hate to leave Dawson.
  3. Oh wow. I figured they would have as good as they are this year. I'm transferring there in a week lol
  4. Is Henderson Co not competing post season this year?
  5. The reason Dawson doesn't have all the drill for our show done yet is because we had band camp on a different schedule this year. We thought it would be a good idea, but it ended up with us only having about half of the opener's drill done by the end of band camp. Usually we have the whole thing or close to it. The weather hasn't helped much due to how little we practice. At Dawson you can do other sports and stuff alongside band, which causes missed practices, making it hard to teach drill when the weather is good. We had practice today, however and taught drill for 50% of the closer, and wil
  6. To speak for western kentucky, Muhlenberg, McLean, and Webster are all pretty good.
  7. Dawson Springs is Sound of Simon. Paul Simon's music.
  8. My friend from Madisonville NH said that she was worried about them not winning this year. But I haven't heard them yet.
  9. I can see where you're going with that. Our concert band is very good, and he has discussed with me about having different ensembles for concert.
  10. Anyone have access to old Dawson Shows? I haven't ever seen older that 2010.
  11. BEFORE ANYONE ACUSES ME: I am not "dissing" or "making fun of my band" like I once did. It was wrong, and I have a better outlook now, thank you. Dawson Springs band director, Andy Hall, has decided that Dawson Springs will not be competing in KMEA, and just be a non competitive marching band. We are also shortening our band camp and practice schedule. We will be marching easier drill and harder music. I, for one don't agree with this at all. Dawson has never made it to Semi-Finals, and we have been improving to where we have a very large chance of making it this year. What's your views on
  12. No one has posted in a while. Let's spice things up a bit! Marching season is just around the corner! Who are you excited to see this year? My obvious ones are MNHHS, Murray, and Lafeyette. DCI-wise, I'm excited to see what Crown, Santa Clara, Cavies and Bluecoats have to offer up this year. That's just me, though. W/b you?
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