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  1. I’m going to go ahead and say it. I think central is the band to beat this year. They sound great, the guard looks very mature this early, and those uniforms are going to looking stunning at finals.
  2. Garnet

    BOA Tennessee Regional

    Clarksville last year: 77.15 - Castle HS, IN 76.75 - Franklin HS, TN 72.20 - North Hardin HS, KY I wouldn't say 5 points is a close spread. Then at semifinals at GN, North Hardin scored a 81.80 (25th overall) and Castle scored an 89.95 (10th overall).
  3. Garnet

    2017 KMEA Show Programs

    Also friendly reminder that the programs host multiple fundraisers over the school year in which you can pay off your fees that way. Cheese and sausage, fruit, legend games, etc.
  4. Garnet

    Band camp/preview show videos

    Henry Clay: Very impressed.
  5. Garnet

    Early Show Titles/Themes

    Carolina Crown 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BVFveoG1kA
  6. Garnet

    Early Show Titles/Themes

    Santa Clara Vanguard - Ouroboros Blue devils - Metamorph Birth of Eternity, Dreamscape, Facing Future Dave Glyde The Triump of Time Peter Graham Flight of the Bumblebee Everything must change Bernard Ighner Crystal Simon Dobson
  7. Henry clay went to the BOA in NC this season and were 3A.
  8. Garnet

    Prayer Request

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rX6R9kGbLU Report this video and my post, but everyone should have a chance to listen to Sophie's voice at finals.
  9. Garnet

    Grand National Semifinals

    North was 25th in semifinals. Adair 33 Williamstown 34 http://www.musicforall.org/images/PDFs/2016/Fall/Recaps/11.12.16_Grand_Nationals_Semi-Finals.pdf
  10. Garnet

    Grand National Semifinals

    13) 89.45 - Dobyns-Bennett 12) 90.05 - Marian Catholic 11) 91.00 - Homestead 10) 91.05 - Castle 9) 91.30 - Claudia Taylor Johnson 8) 91.50 - Wando 7) 91.85 - Ronald Reagan 6) 94.65 - Leander 5) 95.30 - Cedar Park Music - Avon 4) 95.70 - Tarpon Springs Visual - Avon 3) 96.55 - William Mason General Effect - Carmel 2) 97.45 - Avon 1) 97.45 - Carmel (GE TIE BREAKER!) Carmel just won on effect. That's nuts. Big congratulations to Castle for making finals for the first time and having a score of 90+ and William Mason being top three!
  11. Garnet

    MSBA AAA Championship

    Agreed. I think a lot of people on here forget this is a middle and high school activity. Groups from Beechwood, Williamstown, to even central have kids as young as 6th graders (11 years old) marching on the field. It blows my mind that people are this harsh on here. You're really going to be mad about drill or music being dirty when you have children that aren't even teenagers yet marching AND playing? No. Take a minute and appreciate that a child is doing as well as they are in such a mentally stimulating activity. They could be out playing with all their friends for the four months they do this but instead, they're doing something they'll remember for a life time. Don't take away from the groups that won that you thought shouldn't have. It's kind of ridiculous we are making children and teenagers feel bad about winning when they've put so many hours into what they do.
  12. Madison Centrals Prelims Performance.
  13. Just watched a live feed of the performance. The sound equipment for flomarching most likely messed up. Madison Centrals sound was amazing in that dome. Great run! Good luck to all the Kentucky bands performing today and tomorrow! Also, here's the live blog giving play by plays of every band that performs! Cool to see what these two guys have to say about each show. http://www.musicforall.org/blog/live-blog/live-blog-2016-bands-of-america-indianapolis-super-regional-championship
  14. Garnet

    KMEA State Finals

    So I was listening to Pandora and this song popped up...... Just Incase anyone wondered where Leander(2015), Eastern(2016), and Russell county(2016) got their opener from! (fyi I'm not sure if FOB sampled this from something or if this is the original so I may be wrong haha). edit: It was sampled from this piece: The more you know. haha.