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  1. I just want to say that Christian County is very very good, and if you havent watched a video of them, do so. 1. Bourbon 2. Madisonville 3. Anderson 4. Christian But truthfully, any of 4A's top 8 could make it in this weekend. I challenge you all to watch the videos before making judgement. NO ONE is safe.
  2. Band of the Year? North Hardin Director of the Year? Froedge Best Finals Performance? North Hardin Best Overall Effect/Show Design? Anderson County Best Visual Effect? Lafayette Best Music Effect? North Hardin Best Music Performance? North Hardin Best Visual Performance? Bourbon Most Unique Show? Adair Most Innovative Show? North Hardin Best Use of Technology? Adair Best Brass? North Hardin Best Woodwinds? North Hardin Biggest sound? North Hardin Best Pit? South Laurel Best Battery? Madison Central Best Colorguar
  3. 1. Lafayette 91.2 2. North Hardin 88.9 3. Madison Central 88.45 4. Bourbon 88.3 5. Adair 86.9 6. Paul Laurence Dunbar 86.3 7. Russell 85.55 8. South Laurel 85.05 9. Madisonville 84.85 10. Estill 84.8 11. Anderson 84.7 12. Harrison 83.85 13. Hopkinsville 82.85 14. Taylor 82.55 15. Murray 80.95 16. Garrard 80.05 17. Washington 79.85 18. Glasgow 79.55 19. Beechwood 78.85 20. Williamstown 77.55 wowza
  4. please dont tell me that metronome was live as well..
  5. that's not what matters here. if we keep allowing KMEA to slide because "eh, they got the top 4 sort of right" this circuit will never progress. this is why bands are no longer participating in KMEA. why is it only the top 4 that matter? and even then, there were inconsistencies in the ordinals. we cant just be like "its whatever" and move on. this has been a longstanding problem in this circuit and something desperately needs to change.
  6. this judging is absolute garbage. KMEA needs to do something.
  7. according to steph's twitter, Southwestern High School is the 7 AM slot on Friday!!! another Kentucky rep!
  8. Murray Beechwood Washington Cumberland Mayfield Hancock Campbellsville Nicholas Danville Owensboro Catholic McLean Metcalfe Williamstown Russellville Paris Harlan
  9. Madison Central North Hardin Lafayette Central Hardin Paul Laurence Dunbar Eastern Ryle Henry Clay Bullitt East Grayson County Daviess County McCracken Henderson Tates Creek Meade duPont Manual
  10. http://kyband.com/calendar/event/class-aaaaa-semifinal/
  11. South Laurel Anderson Hopkinsville South Oldham Madisonville Woodford Southwestern Grant Pulaski South Warren Owensboro Madison Southern Christian County North Oldham Logan County West Jessamine
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