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  1. Optimist

    3A Semifinals 2019

    Spot on !!!!
  2. Optimist

    3A Semifinals 2019

    Disagree with you there buddy. It gives a good sounding board of where bands are at compared to one another.
  3. Optimist

    3A Semifinals 2019

    I think Glasgow must be in the conversation here having handily winning their region.
  4. Optimist

    2021 Finals Predictions

    Forget calling it KMEA SMBC. Let's just call it BOA SMBC because it pretty much is with all the recent changes............LOL
  5. Optimist

    Is the new system working?

    Your question above is the the basis of the point I have been trying to make in this entire argument. They absolutely make a difference and play into the the effect captions. If they didn't, no one would spend the money, time or effort on them. I believe that unless your band performs musically and visually with absolute perfection, with the current BOA methodology/score sheets that are now in place, you better have the props and storyline to help capture as many of the effect points as possible. Several have been all over me disagreeing, and in theory, I agree that a band can be good just playing and marching. I actually would rather go back to the previous ways where those two things were king. But in the recent world of KMEA and all the changes incorporated, and to prove a point, let's just look at the results of this past weekend and then lets see what happens this coming weekend. Let's just see how many bands in the competitive classes (in particular 3A and 4A) make the cut for finals without props etc. I'll bet that all 8 bands in those two classes will have props etc.
  6. And what is that ?? Please do share.
  7. Optimist

    Is the new system working?

    The point is, props are not cheap.
  8. I think 4th is a very possible outcome for them this year. They have allot to clean up and only one week to do it.
  9. I have been predicting this for the last several weeks. Hopkinsvilles placement doesn’t not shock me at all. I was shocked to see Barren so far down the placements.
  10. Optimist

    Is the new system working?

    When you resort to personally attacking someone with degrading comments like this, it shows your intelligence not mine.
  11. Optimist

    Is the new system working?

    Agree to disagree. No one has proven me wrong in my opinion. Fact: new scoring sheets give more weighting to the effect captions. Fact: props and storyline contribute to the effect captions.
  12. Optimist

    Is the new system working?

    You can’t have it both ways. You argue that props and storyline doesn’t matter. If that’s the case, I’m proposing taking away Estills props and storyline, leave their music and color guard as is to support your argument and see how they place at state this year up against all the other top performers who do have it. Guarantee you it would make a difference in their placements. Guys, like it or not, with the current scoring sheets, those things do matter and make a difference. When there is clearly more weighting to the effect captions than before, I don’t understand how any of you can argue this.