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  1. Not sure if anyone caught it since they don’t march, but Robertson County has hired Dallas Hunt as their new K-12 instructor. Mr. Hunt just graduated from Morehead State this spring and from what I understand has taught camp at Harrison County and is a graduate of Nicholas County. Excited to hopefully see him bring that program to the field eventually!
  2. Eric Hale is the new band director at Nicholas County.
  3. Hope you don’t put too much money on it. I can’t wait to sit back and say I told you so to everyone.
  4. My source is very close to the program and very reliable. Like I said, it’s a national search and they will not be hiring internally or from in state. Just watch and see. Can’t wait to tell you all I told you so, lol.
  5. Lafayette is coming open. The job will not be filled from within though. Apparently the search is national.
  6. I thought WKU was a fine venue this year and I had a super easy time finding parking for $10 or however much it was in the garage. The worst part by far though is the drive.
  7. Oh dear, we’re getting the annual wave of users joining for semi-finals just to talk trash
  8. 1. Bourbon 2. Anderson 3. Harrison 4. Madville/Christian/Grant/South Laurel Not sure how active the kids from Christian County are on these forums but I wanna wish you guys the best. I know what it’s like to be in your all’s shoes, to go the majority of the season under the radar and then have a good result at regionals and have everyone try to discount it because they didn’t see it coming. Best of luck to you guys (and the rest of the bands today of course) I am pulling for you and hope you guys have a memorable run that puts you where you want to be.
  9. I could see that, maybe not easily, but I think they could win.
  10. This is gonna be an awesome show. B&fG and this show have great lineups, good to see two big competitions on the same day. 1A 1. Cumberland County 2. Campbellsville 3. Danville 4. Metcalfe County 5. Monroe County I expect Cumberland to win by a few points, but the spread between Campbellsville and Danville will be very interesting to see, and I could see the two of them flipping. 3A 1. Russell County 2. Glasgow 3. Larue County 4. Wayne County Russell should win this class by a good bit, but I am very excited to see how Glasgo
  11. Pro tip: Stop making finals predictions without a 2A band.
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