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  1. Wasn't there one initially scheduled in Dayton that day, and it got cancelled and then Louisville was added?
  2. I'm excited to see the BOA show moved to Louisville. Who else is excited for it? Any word yet on what bands may be attending?
  3. Well aren't we a little goody-goody?!?!?
  4. This is one very supportive spectator who's always been in the crowd but won't be there this time. I just cannot fathom the thought of sitting through all of that. It's just way too much. It was bad enough when adding another class added another hour to finals - but 10 more bands? And semis? Nope. I'll pass.
  5. Any word yet on what this 'weekend' in August will look like?
  6. This 30 bands in finals is pure BS!!! I have gone to state finals EVERY year since I was a freshman in high school. It's just ENTIRELY too much for one evening, and full day if you go to semis, which I enjoy as well!! I would hate to see the sites split up to avoid what will possibly be a catastrophe but I just do NOT see this going well at all. I don't care where you have it, the logistics may be better handled by one school over another, but sitting through 30 performances after sitting through semis all day?!?!?! Riiiight!!! I doubt I'll do it, and I LOVE marching band. I'll save my
  7. Has a performance order been released yet, that anyone knows of? I know the website is still just showing a list of the bands.
  8. I am told by a very reliable source that Bullitt East is open.
  9. https://www.dci.org/news/important-information-from-ceo-dan-acheson
  10. I remember that!! I was there....1988. That was Hazard who had that happen with the double bass drums. It was horrendous that day!!! The field in both semis and finals was nothing more than a mud pit. I'll never forget that day as long as I live.
  11. I won't be surprised to see the number of bands participating in KMEA regionals and state competition continue to decline.
  12. So few bands seem to be competing in KMEA anymore, is it really necessary to even have regionals when you are only knocking 1, maybe 2, bands out? I mean, why not just go ahead and send everyone on to state? Those kids work awfully damn hard to say YOU ARE THE ONE BAND THAT GETS TO SIT YOUR BUTTS AT HOME NEXT WEEKEND from our regional site. Makes me want to say shame on KMEA. If there were, say, 12 or more bands at a regional site, then yeah, it's warranted. But 9, 10 bands? Really? Maybe it's time for KMEA to make some changes as it looks like everyone is slowly going more and more to M
  13. Any idea of the lineup for this show on Saturday?
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