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  1. Yeah that was it, I wasn't sure how scores were broken down when you go into it.
  2. Okay, i see what you’re saying. It just sounded like from your previous comment that you meant everyone knew two instruments and that was it. I do agree that tates creek probably focuses more on overall percussion comprehension, while campbell focuses more on putting a student in one place and then building that area very strong, with a more basic comprehension on the other area. I do think that that has to do with Campbell only getting good over the past few years. Tates Creek has been very good for a long time allowing them to spread out and focus their students over many different areas, While Campbell focused on putting students in a place and sticking with what worked in order to build the program.
  3. How do the groups that won the caption award place so low? I don't know a whole lot about the scoring systems they use but that still seems confusing.
  4. Campbell placed 4th out of 13 groups at WGi worlds in PSCO, saying that campbell can only play marimba and snare and aren't real percussionists is wildly condescending and flat out wrong. With them going to KMEA this year as well its obvious they are true percussionists and can play more than two instruments.
  5. I couldn't say that. Campbell did beat them at overall percussion at Dixie.
  6. Who do you think is the best Percussion Section in KY?
  7. Thats true in WGI Scholastic Concert Open, 7 made it to finals, overall there was 13 groups.
  8. DANG, Campbell’s percussion came out of no where! And apparently they got 4th at WGI World’s?!
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