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  1. LongTimeBandMan

    New KMEA Guidelines

    My thought would be the directors and/or staff members of the bands involved. Or friends of the same who live nearby. People who wouldn't need to worry about travel restrictions and would be willing to work pro bono. Likely people with few degrees of separation from some or all of the participants and therefore difficult to be found convincingly impartial. Perfectly acceptable for a fun festival type of event, but fodder for complaints in a 'true competition'. And we get enough of that in a non-pandemic year. Ultimately, if you want a 'competition', my thought is that you should not cut corners and you should bring in judges who you can at least argue are impartial. Yes, yes... I know a great many of KY judges are more-or-less 'local'. And all judges have hearts of gold who will set aside their own predilections for rewarding their buddies.
  2. LongTimeBandMan

    New KMEA Guidelines

    You could probably get local judges to volunteer. I'm not sure locals would provide scores - too many would complain about partiality. But they would more likely provide feedback tapes in a festival event. Local events wouldn't be beholden to the school for transportation, either. Parents and students can handle their own. Crowd/gathering size limits of 10 or fewer present another problem, however.
  3. LongTimeBandMan

    New KMEA Guidelines

    This is a great idea, and I know of at least one area of the state that was looking at possibly doing an area-wide festival type event not long before COVID-19 hit. It would be nice if they were still trying to put this together. I love band, and love the idea of competition that brings out the best in people. If some groups can pull off putting together a competitive event, that's great. Competitive events present even greater logistical challenges in the world of COVID-19. Not the least of which is money. Judges need to be paid, facilities need to be cleaned to new standards, transportation with social distancing becomes tricky. Everyone who attended would probably have to be screened with temperature checks. Are kids going to be wearing uniforms? And how many bands at this point have even started to put together any type of show? Your pool of potential participants is getting pretty small. Then there's the fact that many districts are still tottering on the fence about whether or not they are going 100% NTI this fall. Long story short, I want to see some type of marching arts events this year. But I fear that Karen has spoken, and its not looking good.
  4. LongTimeBandMan

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Actually, the ability for a child under 10 to pass COVID-19 to others is almost nil. No one understands why, but the prevailing theory involves immature bodies not having the ACE receptors equivalent to older persons. A person's ability to transmit COVID-19 to others only begins to approach that of adults in middle to late high school. And I haven't seen the evidence yet that household members "will almost assuredly get it too". When it comes to 'spreading' the disease, no credible person has ever stated the virus can possibly be contained. Flattening the curve is the best outcome you can hope for until you have either herd immunity (which actually requires the disease to spread among low-risk populations), or a safe and effective vaccine and/or antiviral. And no matter how flat the curve, the area under the curve (number of deaths) remains the same. You have only delayed an outcome, not changed an outcome.
  5. LongTimeBandMan

    New KMEA Guidelines

    I would respectfully disagree that we've 'failed' to mitigate this virus. But that's a long and tedious discussion of statistics, the normal course of novel contagious diseases, the intricacies of modern interconnected society, and to a lesser extent, the validity of your information sources. Nothing anyone wants clogging a band forum, certainly. What is more applicable in this forum would be contextualizing the idea of student 'safety' and the novel COVID-19. In the simplest terms I can think of, children have an exponentially greater chance of being injured or dying from accidental poisoning at home than they do of being hospitalized (let alone perishing from) COVID-19 they might 'catch' at school. There are a multitude of other well-reasoned arguments for returning children and teachers to school set forth by respected institutions like the Centers for Disease Control and the American Academy of Pediatrics. One example from the CDC's latest release on COVID-19: ... for children (0-17 years), cumulative COVID-19 hospitalization rates are lower than cumulative influenza hospitalization rates during recent influenza seasons.
  6. LongTimeBandMan

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Don't get me wrong. I absolutely agree with you that we should have been able to have a marching season. I also believe that we should all be sending students back to school this year - with the exception of truly high risk households. We should continue to protect the vulnerable (e.g. nursing homes), and do obvious mitigations to delay the spread of the disease (i.e. masks). And it is a tough pill to swallow if you look at kids playing football and other contact sports while the activity we all love has been sidelined. But soooo much more goes into preparing for a marching season than, say, a football season. The logistics and expenses to hold a band competition which can easily hit 800+ students from 6-10 different counties versus a football game don't really compare. And let's face it, even if KMEA, BOA, MSBA, etc tried to hold a season, the state or even any one of several school districts can pull the plug on you at the last minute. Or even the event host might do the same. If you have an event scheduled this weekend at UofL, but their administrators declare the same week they are shutting down any group activities over 10 people, you're hosed. So, while I don't like it or even completely agree with it, I can accept it (not that I really have a choice 🤔😂). The only choices which now remain are how I conduct myself in the face of disappointment. There's nothing wrong with letting students know you're disappointed or angry. But it is a good learning opportunity to show them how to move forward with dignity in the face of hardship.
  7. LongTimeBandMan

    New KMEA Guidelines

    There's always the opportunity to tell your kids that you are disappointed. That you believe that they should have the opportunity to compete, also. But there's also an opportunity to show them how to make the best of bad situations - situations that you have no ability to modify. That supporting the rest of your school family is a worthy endeavor, despite your disappointment. That character is how you face disappointment, even more so than when you get everything you desire. That the bonds of your band can survive in the face of adversity. That might have more value than telling everyone to lump it because you are miffed. Or not. Your call.
  8. LongTimeBandMan

    New KMEA Guidelines

    I always find the discussion about the use of middle school students in marching band interesting. Middle school students have marched in KMEA bands since the very first year of KMEA SMBC. Some very successful programs have years when 20% (or more) of the students on the field are middle schoolers. If the directors and parents believe these kids are mature enough to dedicate themselves to a season, then I'm not sure what the problem is. Assuming we get to march again in 2021, I suspect the percentage of middle school students asked to join will be higher than ever as bands look to rebuild.
  9. LongTimeBandMan

    New KMEA Guidelines

    For the sake of common sense, can we evaluate the information presented regardless of the source? Can we harness those neurons which enable the wondrous human brain to engage in critical thinking and evaluate life with logical thought? Argue the items presented by the source, not the source itself. Yes, this particular site is 'Right'. The video it shows comes directly from a 'Left' news source. The bottom line remains: every one of the doctors interviewed said the same thing. Doesn't matter if it came from Fox or MSNBC. I have no intention of making this any type of political post. I can get more than enough of that on Facebook 🤣. But goodlawd, people. Don't turn your nose up at something because it doesn't come from the 'correct people'. Look at the argument /information. Do some investigating. On all sides of the isle. The world will be a better place. 👍
  10. LongTimeBandMan

    New KMEA Guidelines

    All these doctors keep saying that sending kids back to school is the right thing to do. That they are *clutches pearls* looking forward to sending their own children back ASAP. Stupid doctors. What do they know?? https://www.westernjournal.com/look-msnbc-hosts-face-priceless-experts-unanimously-agree-us-reopen-schools/
  11. LongTimeBandMan

    New KMEA Guidelines

    “Their suggestion is that once you have two cases, but not in the same classroom,” she gave the example of a case in the kindergarten and one in second grade, “At that point they want you to start considering closing that school. I don’t know that’s the way ours will go. That’s our guidance at this point.” If this is the breaking point for shutting down a school, then why even bother going back? Having two unrelated cases at the same time in a school with hundreds of students is almost inevitable. Reasonable precautions - including but not limited to masks - make sense. But shutting everything down at one or two cases is absurd. How did society become so fragile? At this point, I'm not convinced there are enough grown-ups in charge that we'll have a normal 2021 season.
  12. LongTimeBandMan


    All of them.
  13. LongTimeBandMan

    2020 Superlatives (RIP SMBC)

    I don't know. The CDC's, show Mask On, Mask Off, Mask On Again was perhaps too avant garde and failed to connect to crowds. That, and Joe Biden's Word Salad performances never seemed to live up to expectations. Fauci and Trump's The Doc and The Donald, written to be an ode to leadership in troubled times, never seemed to develop the chemistry or impact most of us hoped for. Looking back, we probably shouldn't have expected much from a reality TV host and a career civil servant. Best comeback band? Gotta be The Knack. Who hasn't hummed "M-m-m-my Corona" dozens of times since we began this year? Best Overall Effect/Design? All those fancy coronavirus charts online. Most of us obviously have no idea what they all signify or that politicians use them 'selectively' as a means to their own ends. BUT WHO CARES?!? They're really pretty and colorful! Best Props? While Andy Beshear's show Social Distancing for Dummies started strong, the final product has been terribly disappointing. The closer, Pandemic Pandering, and reprise Every Breath You Take (Should Not Be in My Face) hit new lows.
  14. LongTimeBandMan

    2020 Finals Predictions

    I don't know...I can't remember if it was '88 or '89 at WKU. First week of November. Weather was mud, rain, cold, mud, sleet, mud, and wind. You could call Inclement Weather the champ then, also.