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  1. LongTimeBandMan

    First KY band to use props?

    Times have changed, and I am OK with that. But if I were judging and a band came on the field wearing polished white shoes, with no props and no electronics and they worked in more than 20 counts of high mark time, I'm not sure that I could resist the urge to leave the booth, walk out on the field, hand them the grand champion trophy then tell everyone else to go home.
  2. LongTimeBandMan

    2019 Job board

    Central Hardin also has a seasonal assistant position. A person could make a killing this summer in Hardin County, if they could figure out how to balance being at both places.
  3. LongTimeBandMan


    We might have to double check the rulebook on those... 😜
  4. LongTimeBandMan


    You still see the occasional twirler in area bands, especially colleges. I think Austin Peay has/had one recently? It would definitely fit a retro style show, I suppose. Something that flies in the face of today's light shows and singers and over-the-top props. And tarps on the field. Learning the basics online would be the easy part. Finding someone with the desire and dedication to spend untold hours of practice would be harder.
  5. LongTimeBandMan

    2019 Job board

    That's pretty much what I expected: that very few people inside or outside of the program would know who actually applied. To claim definitively that CH passed over two "multiple finalists" seems...dishonest...unless you are actually one of the few decision makers.
  6. LongTimeBandMan

    2019 Job board

    I don't know all of the nitty-gritty behind this Trevor Ervin thing. But putting all of the pieces together, I'm starting to get a pretty clear picture that all of this "irreparable damage" has been to a few people's feelings and nothing to do with his students or band program. He hurt my feelz, therefore he bad.
  7. LongTimeBandMan

    2019 Job board

    Who do we know specifically that applied for CH?
  8. LongTimeBandMan

    2019 Job board

    There's nothing on either bands' Facebook, website, Twitter, etc. But with the holiday weekend, I'm guessing it will be a few days. I can see where this move makes the most sense if we know Mr. Centers is going to Great Crossings and Bullitt East has opened with Mr. Evrin leaving soon after. CH has the potential. Mr. Ervin has the potential. We'll just have to see how much the student leadership steps up, how much their parents/boosters get on board, and how their feeder programs respond.
  9. LongTimeBandMan

    Great Crossing High School

    If I had to guess, I would say 'No'. Not this year, at least. Waaaay too much planning and development would have to have been put in place already for marching season. Big transition starting a new band program at a new school. And the director will probably still be involved in the transfer of his old band into their new season/new director for a while. It will be interesting to see how it plays out in future years, however.
  10. LongTimeBandMan

    New System

    I think it's probably easier for them to hit the down vote than go on a drawn out rehash of a topic that has been beaten to death. I'm not down voting ya, but if anyone doesn't have both sides of this argument memorized by now, they need ADD meds. I am a proponent for most of the changes, although not all of them (eight finalists per class? No thanks). That being said, love them or hate them, if something doesn't change, SMBC will become a joke. Look at the number and quality of of KY bands in BOA this year. Granted, there's a BOA event in our backyard. But even so, I think BOA participation is way up. Bands are going to more BOA events than usual, and bands that haven't done BOA in years are stepping out into BOA again. Why is that? Everyone understands that the competition they are going to face is going to be tougher than a typical KMEA event. And cost is going to be higher. So BOA isn't exactly taking the easy way out. And then there's Mid States... Seems like there are more KY mid state competitions every year. What percentage of KMEA events now have empty classes, and/or only 1 or 2 bands in most classes? Where have the bands gone and why? It's not an entirely new problem, but it seems like it is increasing. Compromise isn't the art of making everyone happy. It is making all sides equally unhappy, but at least able to work towards a common goal. If it will bring back NH, CH, HC, Eastern, Bullitt East, South Oldham, etc... Is it not worth trying? It's been said before; give it a 2 or 3 year trial. It will either succeed, or collapse under its own weight. But then everyone can say it was tried and whatever the outcome, move forward.
  11. LongTimeBandMan

    BOA Louisville

    You probably have the right placements. But early season contests usually have the best chance of an 'upset' or two.
  12. LongTimeBandMan

    KY Band BOA Participation

    Nice list mulandarnrhorn27. Thanks for posting!
  13. LongTimeBandMan

    Bands not going to SMBC, part 2

    You mean... County, Campbell and County, Henderson
  14. LongTimeBandMan

    Bands not going to SMBC, part 2

    Maybe. Please make that a separate thread. I'm just curious to know here a decent idea of how many bands in the state compete regularly in any circuit but will not be at SMBC.
  15. Now that marching season is getting closer, I thought we might resurrect Cavie Fan's old thread. What do we know now that has been confirmed regarding bands that won't be at SMBC? Not just bands that are leaving KMEA this year, but also bands like Elizabethtown that compete but choose not to go to KMEA/SMBC. Please try to keep on topic and not use it as a platform to score points against programs or directors. We had these previously, do they need additions or corrections? Barren County Bullitt East Central Hardin Daviess County Dixie Heights Eastern Elizabethtown Grayson County Henry Clay Muhlenburg County North Hardin Ohio County South Oldham Todd Central Maybe, maybe not: Campbell County Henderson