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  1. LongTimeBandMan

    New System

    I think it's probably easier for them to hit the down vote than go on a drawn out rehash of a topic that has been beaten to death. I'm not down voting ya, but if anyone doesn't have both sides of this argument memorized by now, they need ADD meds. I am a proponent for most of the changes, although not all of them (eight finalists per class? No thanks). That being said, love them or hate them, if something doesn't change, SMBC will become a joke. Look at the number and quality of of KY bands in BOA this year. Granted, there's a BOA event in our backyard. But even so, I think BOA participation is way up. Bands are going to more BOA events than usual, and bands that haven't done BOA in years are stepping out into BOA again. Why is that? Everyone understands that the competition they are going to face is going to be tougher than a typical KMEA event. And cost is going to be higher. So BOA isn't exactly taking the easy way out. And then there's Mid States... Seems like there are more KY mid state competitions every year. What percentage of KMEA events now have empty classes, and/or only 1 or 2 bands in most classes? Where have the bands gone and why? It's not an entirely new problem, but it seems like it is increasing. Compromise isn't the art of making everyone happy. It is making all sides equally unhappy, but at least able to work towards a common goal. If it will bring back NH, CH, HC, Eastern, Bullitt East, South Oldham, etc... Is it not worth trying? It's been said before; give it a 2 or 3 year trial. It will either succeed, or collapse under its own weight. But then everyone can say it was tried and whatever the outcome, move forward.
  2. LongTimeBandMan

    BOA Louisville

    You probably have the right placements. But early season contests usually have the best chance of an 'upset' or two.
  3. LongTimeBandMan

    KY Band BOA Participation

    Nice list mulandarnrhorn27. Thanks for posting!
  4. LongTimeBandMan

    Bands not going to SMBC, part 2

    You mean... County, Campbell and County, Henderson
  5. LongTimeBandMan

    Bands not going to SMBC, part 2

    Maybe. Please make that a separate thread. I'm just curious to know here a decent idea of how many bands in the state compete regularly in any circuit but will not be at SMBC.
  6. Now that marching season is getting closer, I thought we might resurrect Cavie Fan's old thread. What do we know now that has been confirmed regarding bands that won't be at SMBC? Not just bands that are leaving KMEA this year, but also bands like Elizabethtown that compete but choose not to go to KMEA/SMBC. Please try to keep on topic and not use it as a platform to score points against programs or directors. We had these previously, do they need additions or corrections? Barren County Bullitt East Central Hardin Daviess County Dixie Heights Eastern Elizabethtown Grayson County Henry Clay Muhlenburg County North Hardin Ohio County South Oldham Todd Central Maybe, maybe not: Campbell County Henderson
  7. LongTimeBandMan

    Bands not going to SMBC

    Yup. There are typically 2 BOA contests a year that many KY bands can do as a single day trip. Even Thursday Indy GNs prelims are day trips for bands that have to be back at school on Friday. Add in all the MSBA, CoC, etc. Lots of options.
  8. LongTimeBandMan

    Bands not going to SMBC

    If Great Crossing High School Band is a reliable source, then Mr Centers is definitely joining them this year. I understand that Central Hardin has already put down deposits on several BOA contests which conflict with SMBC. Maybe they will attend a couple of KMEA regular season events, but I think KMEA state weekend is already booked. Next year, who knows?
  9. LongTimeBandMan

    Band Fees

    I agree with you on everything except, perhaps, the last paragraph. Setting spending limits looks nice at first glance, but I would imagine that there are a number of crafty (devious?) ways to circumvent spending limits. Also, I wonder if any spending limits placed against KMEA participants might actually push more bands into other marching circuits? Would Adair, Russell, North and Central Hardin, and several others be willing to give up BOA type shows only in order to stay within a new KMEA spending restriction?
  10. LongTimeBandMan

    Band Fees

    Sure. I also went to Adair County. But you can't take what happens in Adair County and paint the rest of the bands in the state with the same brush. Adair County doesn't change much. You're looking at students that are in the 3rd or 4th generation of the same family marching band membership. Everyone knows everyone - and is quite possibly related to them. No hillbilly jokes, please. So, your bankers, and business leaders, and representatives from every occupational field are probably either former Adair band members, or related to one. Aunt Susan, ACHS Band Class of '73, is an easy target for fundraising. Adair is also the only band in the county. You have 100% of the market. Add on the Bingo cash bonanza, and you have the high life. Now, take Hardin County, for example. Four competitive marching bands. Sure, the county population is greater, but there's much less connectivity. Plenty of people moving in and out with the military, etc. Market dilution. Instead of everyone raising money for one band,a decent sized workplace there will have parents in the same building fundraising for 4 different bands at the same time - sometimes with the exact same fundraiser. You can have four different bingo halls, but they would all be drawing money away from each other instead of toward a single band. And I promise you, every one of those bands would argue that they do "A LOT" of fundraising.
  11. LongTimeBandMan

    Bands not going to SMBC

    It is even easier for NH to go to BOA and expect success. They are a great large band from a relatively small school. So, they get to compete in 2A at BoA, while most of our other 5As are 3A at BoA. NH may never return to KMEA, and really don't need to to be successful.
  12. LongTimeBandMan

    Band Fees

    Lots of information available on band websites/booster minutes/director and booster word-of-mouth, etc. Its really all at your fingertips. I won't post anyone locally and risk a brouhaha, but here's an example from a band in Nevada that has remarkable similarities to schools here (at least from what I've seen, personally) on a per student ratio to expenses: https://avhsbands.org/budget/
  13. LongTimeBandMan

    Band Fees

    And don't forget some of these instruments that must be purchased can run into the thousands. Feel the pain of the horn or other high-dollar instrument parent. The first time I saw the list of marching band budgets for our top schools, it blew my mind. Six-figure expenditures are the norm. From personal experience, I have never seen a student turned away based on financial reasons. In my limited experience, I've seen directors /boosters bend over backwards to help. Not saying it doesn't happen, just that I've never personally seen a student actually turned away. However, one can only guess at the number of parents who get that marching band expected expense summary and simply walk away. And you are right, fundraising is tougher now than ever. Everyone has their hand out, and I know of a few businesses that have stopped donations because of it. Not necessarily because they don't wish to be supportive, but because they are innundated with requests and can't commit business suicide by supporting some but not all. Kentucky has a fair number of counties with 2, 3, 4+ competitive marching bands. Pile on all the other charitable organizations looking support... there's only so much to go around.
  14. LongTimeBandMan

    5A Regionals

    Ima think KMEA will try very hard not to bump up any of the 4A bands into 5A. Even with several big players gone, the number of 4A bands wanting to end up head-to-head with MC, Lafayette, PLD, Ryle is... limited. Anderson and Hopkinsville would be the only likely viable competitors. And they are still probably going to be in the same place all of the former small 5A bands used to be... Trying to get 4th place at SMBC. That's not likely to help inventivize a lot of 4A bands to invest in KMEA.
  15. LongTimeBandMan

    Bands not going to SMBC

    Meh. They are getting BOA sheets, but their disagreements with KMEA are much deeper than that. Most of them (NH, Central Hardin, Eastern, etc) will have excellent chances to make finals at these BOA competitions - as they have many times in the past. Although Central Hardin is going to have a new director this year, so question mark there. And they aren't telling their kids 'if you don't get what you want, its OK to quit'. These programs have been in and out of KMEA before. Their issues with KMEA are long-standing and well known to their students and parents. And they met together with other like-minded directors/student/parents and tried to institute change from within the system (KMEA) first. The parties still disagreed, so the bands decided to part ways (at least for now) with KMEA. Participation in KMEA is an option, not a requirement. Same for all of the marching systems (BOA, et al). Choosing a course that you believe is best for your students isn't the same thing as taking your ball and going home. Addendum: Its OK to disagree with their decisions, but not for the reasons you mentioned.