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  1. Madison Central presents: “...Now I See”
  2. I'm tearing up, so happy for them. They earned it!
  3. Unsure if this was a topic, apologies in advance if it was. If anyone has finals orders put em' here!
  4. Did I read that correctly? 7 point gap between MC and Ryle? I hate to see that...
  5. Do they still do results after Semis, or is it like prelims in the regular season where they don't release them until after?
  6. They dont release scores after prelims anymore...
  7. Director change, the re districting really killed them....
  8. Can you explain your predictions, no hate or anything just curious of why you think that?
  9. MC's 2019 uniforms... all I can say is wow
  10. Gonna have to put MC first, got to watch their parent performance... They definitely are ahead. I don't doubt Lafayette will get it together.
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