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  1. mary

    DCI 2019 Predictions

    I agree they have really improved over the years but they still face challenges from the other top bands such as vanguard, B devils, crown, etc.
  2. mary


    what is that discord called?
  3. mary

    Most Competitive class

    hard to tell with the f***** up classes this year some of the normal rivalries are gone so it will be easier to tell when competitions start i guess if you downvote this TELL ME WHY!
  4. mary

    who will win DCI 2019

    vote in poll
  5. mary

    Show Themes

    I do believe that the Bluecoats are doing a Beatles themed show, found that on their website as for the high school bands i have no clue and it sucks that the classes are doinked up,.... didnt want to cuss
  6. mary

    High School Bands

  7. mary

    High School Bands

    So I get TWO down-votes and no comment as to why for trying to make pleasant and PEACEFUL conversation ? I'm Doing GREAT 😐
  8. mary

    High School Bands

    So as we all know DCI is going down and the High School Bands are spending long hours on their fields and parking lots, any interesting shows yet? who shines out ? who is in what class and what is their biggest competitor?
  9. mary

    High School Bands

    Whats up guys, jut a disclaimer DO NOT FIGHT ON THIS PLEASE!!!!! just chat nicely about the progress you or your child's band has made and/or making
  10. have you seen any of their shows ive seen russel countys and they are very clean so far