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  1. It's the ultimate practice session for State Finals honestly😂😂😂
  2. I don't blame you one bit... There's so many possibilities👏👏👏
  3. https://grcband.org/invitational/ According to GRC's main website. There will be 10 finalists bands
  4. https://kyband.com/event/grc-invitational/ GRC Contest October 16 Paris Williamstown Beechwood Mercer Co Pike County Central Rowan County East Jessamine Estill County Pulaski County Russell County Russell Independent Bourbon County Harrison County Tates Creek Central Hardin Henry Clay Lafayette Ryle Madison Central Dunbar
  5. Saw a video of Russell today and I have to admit, they aren't bad at all. For their size, they're performing pretty good. They've got my attention👍
  6. Whatever Campbell's reason. I'm glad I got to see then perform at Beechwood last weekend. Wherever they go, they have my support. They're gonna do great things in the future
  7. I think their my personal favorite in 5A right now. I've seen them at two contests now and I've been thoroughly entertained. The show just has a way if grabbing my attention fast. I can't wait to see them again🔥
  8. I'll accept that. I was wrong. Henry Clay surprised me but I'm happy for their success nonetheless👍
  9. Finals Predictions 1.) Bourbon 2.) Ryle 3.) GRC 4.) Henry Clay 5.) Paul Laurence Dunbar 6.) Eastern 7.) Pulaski 8.) Lee
  10. I want to see Central Hardin especially. There is indeed a good amount of solid groups here
  11. Right! We need to make sure to give the sight plenty of traffic👍
  12. Their going to BOA on the day. Gonna miss seeing them
  13. You know. That's actually a really good idea. I like it.
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