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  1. Silent Spectator

    AAAA East Regional @ Madison Southern - 10/19

    Anyone got a recap?
  2. Pulaski and Garrard will be pretty close in terms of scores
  3. Silent Spectator

    Bourbon Co. MSBA - 10/5

    Whoever's the owner of the white sedan... you left your lights on
  4. Hope you keep on doing these in the future. These power rankings are quite cool to look at through out the season😁
  5. Silent Spectator

    4A Predictions?

  6. Silent Spectator

    GRC - 10-12

    Beechwood is a force to be reckoned with. I could see them having another great night like they did at Ryle. Madison Central is great and they'll probably win this one but Bourbon could always too. GRC has a pretty good lineup👍
  7. Silent Spectator

    Morehead 9/28

    This could be a meme
  8. Silent Spectator

    Madison Central 10/5

    By the will of the force. Leaf, you have returned👋
  9. Silent Spectator

    Morehead 9/28

    Harrison and Bourbon will probably be very close in scores
  10. Silent Spectator

    Morehead 9/28

    Now that my friend... was breathtaking. Good job👍 That's some real truth right there
  11. Silent Spectator

    Ryle Tournament of Bands - 9/21

    All the bands shined at finals and completely stepped up. It's been a breathtaking night for sure👌
  12. Silent Spectator

    Ryle Tournament of Bands - 9/21

    Take my upvote... just take it
  13. Silent Spectator

    KMBS Reddit Page

    Come join the KMBS Reddit Page. For all you Reddit nerds, we got ya covered. Sub is small though but we'd love to chat about band to all you new people😁 https://www.reddit.com/r/KMBS/