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  1. Bandnerd41

    Dci starts this week!

    North Hardin has a color guard graduate in the Cavaliers
  2. Bandnerd41

    2018 BoA Grand Nats Prelim Results

    Their panel was definitely stacked! Hoping for that jump tomorrow
  3. Bandnerd41

    2018 BoA Grand Nats Prelim Results

    Semi-finals, nonetheless. Congratulations North Hardin and Bourbon!
  4. Bandnerd41

    State Finals 2018

    It is hard not to lose your sh#t when music is moving you! I get that way when I hear great music! I am pretty sure North Hardin fans were already on their feet at that point. I say geek out all ya want! Let the music move ya! Give those kids the praise they deserve and let them hear it loud!
  5. Bandnerd41

    State Finals 2018

  6. Bandnerd41

    State Finals 2018

    Thanks for clearing all that up.
  7. Bandnerd41

    State Finals 2018

    Those were the EXACT words that went through mind as I read this!
  8. Bandnerd41

    Videos of "old" shows

    Anyone have a video of Central Hardin 1993? I am beginning to think it doesn't exist. I know finals were cancelled. It was my senior year and would love to see it again.