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  1. musicguy

    DCI 2020

    It’s official.
  2. musicguy

    SMBC 2020 Location

    I’m so thrilled for you. Lol.
  3. musicguy

    SMBC 2020 Location

    16,800 seating capacity at Murray State.
  4. musicguy

    Changes, one year in

    Yes, actual playing members. Guard does not count in the calculation.
  5. musicguy

    Weather for SMBC

    Exactly. Diddle Arena does not have a removable basketball court. The floor in the arena is the basketball court, so they are just covering it to protect the floor.
  6. musicguy


    No worries. Enjoy the day!
  7. musicguy


    Not as bad as previously predicted. SMBC will go on as planned.
  8. musicguy

    Weather for SMBC

    They are not going to cancel SMBC, unless there is lightning or serious weather (tornado, etc.).
  9. musicguy

    Contest of Champions @ MTSU 11/2

    And now there is this one.
  10. musicguy

    Weather for SMBC

    I’m not going to argue with you.
  11. musicguy

    Weather for SMBC

    Correct, but it is not suitable for SMBC.
  12. musicguy

    Weather for SMBC

    4A was there in 2015.
  13. musicguy

    Weather for SMBC

    No, they do not have an indoor facility to accommodate this event.
  14. musicguy

    Regionals Combined Scores

    But, it isn't fun. It is a seriously inaccurate document. I'm not trying to be a jerk, I'm just stating that this is a horribly inaccurate representation of the classes.