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  1. Congrats to Bourbon, Estill, Beechwood, and North Hardin for Representing KY well today and making semis! Good luck to all!
  2. .......the safety of the students is more important in this situation. This isn't a "sheesh" moment. It really wasnt that distracting.
  3. Now that all scores have been released from both regionals, what is everyones thoughts in this class? Also does anyone have the performance order yet?
  4. Hey everyone! Feel free to just have some fun and discuss some of the fantastic solos Kentucky is offering us this year! I sure know I have heard some fantastic ones myself.
  5. Bro have you looked at West regional lineup compared to east regional lineup...thats why
  6. I mean yes. I have now seen a lot of the top 2A bands except for Murray. It will not be 100 percent sure until the state champion is announced
  7. Videos. Thats all I will say. I can watch all 3 and say that there is not much improvement week by week. Also score inflation.
  8. Agreed. I also like being a little ambitious, there is nothing wrong with that. I feel that what I predicted is completely possible.
  9. Wow those bottom 4 scores were close! .05 between Dunbar and Woodford! Really consistant judging except for one spot...why is Beechwoods music effect score so ridiculously low? I thought that was one of their best attributes. Maybe they should have been distinguished. Super consistant on BoCo winning, wow. I was not expecting 3 points in between them and MC. Congrats for really securing that BoCo! Also I can't read taylors score very well is that a 75? And wow I wasnt expecting ryle to be that close to MC 😮
  10. 1. Lafayette 2. Madison Central 3. Eastern 4. Ryle 5. Campbell 6. GRC 7. PLD 8. Daviess
  11. Im going to have to disagree. Although they are still a little cleaner overall, Murrays show is very park and play. Its not very hard, while Beechwood seems to have a much more difficult show, and they are executing it just as well as Murray is executing theirs. And that is why I think I am now going to give the edge to Beechwood. I have had Murray slightly ahead all year, but after these past two weekends, my mind has been changed. I think Russel is a solid lock in third, with Mercer possibly catching up. They really performed well. Last night was my first time seeing them!
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