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  1. Tony Barrett could get them up to a pretty high caliber. He has been on staff for a few years at South Laurel, helping to make a state champion program, so he is definitely capable of bringing out some greatness.
  2. I see more trombone choirs than anything else. Not complaining, just interesting that that has become more popular over the years.
  3. I think any of the top 4 in the east are capable of winning the whole thing, and they haven’t left much wiggle room for Madisonville. Grant is more likely to have a spot in finals over them imo.
  4. Never knew how to copy and paste before. Thank you
  5. Not trying to argue with you, just didn’t feel the need to write all of it out
  6. Nobody told you that more weighting wasn’t given now, but there were numerous examples of bands that weren’t failing “your way” and Saxophone 2494 literally laid it out in detail with the PRESENT scoring sheets in mind yet you still say “you would be an absolute failure without props and a storyline”. You have made it abundantly clear that you disagree with the scoring sheets used in literally just about every circuit, which is fine, but we just keep on going in circles here. Let it go, and I’m sure everyone else will too.
  7. There’s no convincing you otherwise. Just please agree to disagree. People have proven you wrong time and time again and you just keep repeating yourself.
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