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  1. Dub Gs

    Contest of Champions @ MTSU 11/2

    I agree, judges are inconsistent yes but they are hired for a reason and every judges opinion matters no matter how inconsistent it may be. I know you didn’t mean anything by your statement and wasn’t trying to shove hate towards it.
  2. Dub Gs

    Go Pro Cams

    They’re mad because they don’t own a GoPro
  3. Post Go Pro Cams here! Hope everyone had a great season!
  4. I didn’t know Eastern has a piccolo trumpet soloist... very interesting for marching band
  5. Dub Gs

    Week 6 Power Rankings 2019

    From what I heard there were a lot of tuning and balance issues
  6. https://schedules.competitionsuite.com/9d9d33a3-f345-44c1-b88e-d086c8c7f751_logistical.htm