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Found 9 results

  1. have you guys seen their show! nate clark is an absolute genius. the show is amazing and they have the best lowbrass section i have ever seen. dont even let me get started on the pit! they have the most energetic and talented pit ever. it's a shame that the judges at madisonville north couldn't see their talent
  2. Hi, I'm relatively new to drumming, am a sea cadets and am 15. I've recently just bought a pearl carbonply snare drum and it really doesn't sound too good. We got a Remo power stroke p7 but when I hit the drum it has a buzz or ring after the hit. Also it's very crisp and extremely loud and I find it difficult to roll of as it is not very bouncy . So I was wondering what drum head I should get, I want to hear the snares rattle and for rolls to be easier. Please help Also what is tone and sustain Thanks Will
  3. What are some of the best percussionist of this year? With finals this weekend, I'm quite interested to hear people's thoughts.
  4. AAAA has really become a bloodbath. (Haven't they all?) What four bands do you expect to be in the AAAA finals this year?
  5. Hi Everyone - In case you're still in need of a show for this season, please come check out our shows at: www.projectRISEmusic.com We also have many indoor shows if you are already in the planning phases for next year. Here are some of our clients that our staff designs for currently: The Bluecoats Phantom Regiment Blue Knights The Mandarins Rhythm X Music City Mystique Riverside Community College George Mason University Arcadia High School Avon High School Upland High School Mission Viejo High School Thanks for taking the time to check us out! www.
  6. This Forums been pretty dead over the break, anything interesting going on in the world of marching percussion? Lafayette just started camp yesterday...
  7. Just for fun, i'd like to hear some of your opinions about BOA Finalist shows that you have seen over the past several years. My list goes like this: 10 Centerville 2008 9 Tarpon Springs 2008 8 Marian Catholic 2010 7 Marcus 2009 6 Bourbon Co 2009 5 Union 2011 4 Lawrence Central 2008 3 Broken Arrow 2010 2 Tarpon Springs 2010 1 LD Bell 2008 Now i'd like to hear some of your opinions!
  8. I am currently looking for groups to write for this upcoming Indoor Season. I will be taking both Winter Drumline and Winter Guard performance groups. I invite anyone who is interested to visit my website, http://www.jwvisualdesigns.com/ . I am also looking for clients for Fall 2012 marching season. I offer cutting edge, entertaining drill at an affordable rate. I also provide full visual design. Show design includes: flag/guard uniform selection, prop design, concept design and drill. All of my design work is custom and made to highlight your groups strengths. I am willing to work with an
  9. Everyone seems to always focus on the bands during marching season but I am excited to see guards! Who do you think is looking good this year and who are you excited to watch?
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