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Found 8 results

  1. 1st. Blue Devils - 98.325 (Best Visual) 2nd. Bluecoats - 98.238 (Best GE) 3rd. Santa Clara Vanguard - 96.6 (Best Perc) 4th. Carolina Crown - 96.563 (Best Brass) 5th. Cavaliers - 95.4 6th. Boston Crusaders - 94.488 (Best Guard) 7th. Blue Knights - 92.050 8th. Blue Stars - 91.225 9th. Cadets - 89.838 10th. Mandarins - 89.3 11th. Crossmen - 87.550 12th. Phantom Regiment - 87.238 Bluecoats win GE, but don't win Finals. Any thoughts?
  2. Hello everyone! I’m new here! And happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸 -Anyways, I might be a little bit early but, any predictions on who’s going to win DCI this year? 🤔
  3. vote in poll
  4. Want to know what it's like to rehearse and perform with one of the top world-class drum corps? Want to get world-class instruction in exercises and techniques from experts in the field of marching music and the pageantry arts? That experience can be yours by attending a one-day Colts Audition Experience Clinic, THIS SATURDAY, November 29th from 9am - 6pm. North Hardin High School in Radcliff, KY has graciously opened their doors to the Colts and we are excited to be hosted be such an outstanding program. This clinic is for prospective BRASS and COLOR GUARD members. These one-day cl
  5. Is it too farfetched to have "start a drum corps" on my bucketlist? How does someone go about doing so? I really want to start one and also be an instrument repairman after I get out of college. I have ideas already too, but is this too irrational to really happen? Opinions?
  6. Okay so I just want to know what you all think about the field this year. I love Crowns show this year but I think their Drumline is killing them. I feel like the cadets and Crowns brass are on the same level but the Cadets Drumline is way passed crowns. My finals Placements 1. Cadets (Percussion) 2. Blue Devils 3. Crown 4. SCV 5. Phantom Regiment 6. Madison Scouts 7. Bluecoats 8. Boston 9. Spirit of Atlanta 10. Cavies 11. Blue Knights 12. Troopers
  7. So, I got to thinking whilst I was waiting on the FMBL Draft to get to my turn. I thought about several Drum Corps shows that just blew me away, inspired me, or was just extremely entertaining. I have several off the top of my head. I was wondering what some of your favorite Drum Corps shows were regardless of which corps it came from. Here are mine: The Cavaliers: Mad World 007 The Planets Samurai (probably my favorite ever by The Cavaliers) Machine Phantom Regiment: Into The Light Spartacus(2000's version) Faust War and Peace New World Symphony On Air Carolina Cro
  8. Hello, directors and staff members! With the fall season in full swing and the indoor season soon upon us, many of you may be looking for professional, innovative - and affordable - drill for your upcoming winter season, or you may be looking ahead to your needs for next summer or fall already. With years of design, instructional and performance experience, I can offer your program an original visual package that will bring your show to life. I've studied and hold degrees in the fields of both Art & Design and Music and I believe that educating students through the challenge of the d
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