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Tri-State Circuit Championships

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Congrats to all percussion groups in your class. KY's percussion groups grabbed some big spots this year. Even some of the new groups did really well.


Percussion Scholastic Concert A

1 Shelby County Winter Percussion Ensemble 81.55

2 Lexington Christian Academy Percussion Ensemble 79.40

3 Elizabethtown Concert Percussion Ensemble 75.95

4 Corbin High School Percussion Ensemble 73.55

5 Colerain HS JV Winter Percussion 73.10


Nice Job Shelby County. It's good to see your drumline still has it dispite the number of band directors you're group has had.


Percussion Scholastic A

1 The Floyd Central Percussion Project 86.50

2 Colerain Indoor Percussion Ensemble 85.97

3 Anderson Co Indoor Percussion 85.00

4 Daviess Co. Indoor Percussion 84.15

5 Sycamore Indoor Drum Line 83.72

6 Elder HS Drumline 81.70

7 Jeffersonville Winter Percussion Ensemble 80.95

8 West Union Percussion Ensemble 76.58


Great Job Anderson & Daviess Co. Anderson, WOW. Your first year out and you grab a bronze, Great Job. Daviess, You guys continued to impress me.


Percussion Scholastic Open

1 Dixie Heights 84.90

2 New Albany 81.08


Dixie... If I'm not mistaken you guys got bumped last minute. Everyone usually believes getting bumped screws a group over. Obviously it didn't. Great Job getting the Gold.

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KY groups did well in B class as well. Good to see Pulaski do well during their first year. Congrats to North Laurel and Highlands on medaling.


Percussion Scholastic B

1 Mariemont Drumline 81.30

2 North Laurel Indoor Percussion 81.00

3 Highlands Winter Percussion 79.33

4 Simon Kenton Percussion Ensemble 77.72

5 Pulaski County High School Winter Drumline 76.78

6 Nicholas County Winter Drumline 76.02

7 Campbell County Percussion 75.95

8 Nelson County Percussion Ensemble 72.72

9 Amelia High School Winter Percussion 70.78 [/size][/size]

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