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SCGC Championships

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Congratulations to all of the Kentucky groups.


Scholastic Marching A:


1. Marshall Co. Percussion (KY) 86.975

2. Oak Grove Indoor Drumline (AL) 86.875

3. Greewood HS Percussion (KY) 86.75

4. Centennial Winter Drumline (TN) 84.75

5. Sparkman Inoor Percussion (AL) 84.675

6. Cullman Indoor Drumline (AL) 84.475

7. Clarksville Audio Theater (TN) 83.65

8. Ravenwood HS Winter Drumline (TN) 83.35

9. Owensboro Diablo Percussion Ensemble (KY) 82.15

10. Russellville HS Percussion Ensemble (KY) 81.8

11. Warren East MS/HS Percussion Ensemble (KY) 81.65

12. Oakland Percussion Group (TN) 81.1

13. Etowah HS Winter Drumline (AL) 76.35

14. Camden HS Indoor Percussion (TN) 73.55

15. Scotts Hill HS Indoor Percussion (TN) 73.3


Independent Marching A:


1. DoubleStop Indoor Percussion (AL) 85.5

2. Henderson Co. Indoor Percussion (KY) 78.35

3. Kinesis Percussion Ensemble (TN) 77.15


Independent Marching Open:


1. Anomaly Independent Percussion (KY) 82.85


Scholastic Non Movement


1. Prattville HS Indoor Percussion (AL) 87.25

2. CoHop Percussion Ensemble (KY) 79.25

3. Fairview HS Percussion (TN) 77.75

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