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Official Video Thread 2010

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I hate Lafayettes's show this year. Plus, it would be nice if they played a dynamic lower than Blastissimo at some point in the show. Beechwood deserved to win that contest by 2 points.

He was just stating an opinion. It seems you actually agreed with him but said so in a more roun about manner way really. There is nothing wrong with stating an opinion, Im sure their students don't r

Contests start today!!!! I figure that we can go ahead a have a 2010 Official Video list so it doesn't get confusing.   If anyone takes videos or runs across them on youtube, PM me and I'll start a

Please PM me the links for the videos. It will make it easier on me to make sure I get all the bands and all the videos. Sometimes, I just dont like going through a bunch of random stuff to find the links. So, if you have it, PM me and they will definitely be added to list. If not, they may be left behind.

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I'd suggest making a direct link to the post with all the videos in your signature. That way it would be easy for you to update, and easy for others to find....


here it is.




Oh I already have the post saved on my end, so finding it for me isnt an issue, but I can do that if people want it. Im just lazy and dont want to wade through random posts. :P

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Here's a vid from Anderson that same day...

Thanks, mike!


I think Anderson's performance at Adair may have been a bit better; at least, it seems that way on video.


Edit: I really wish I could have seen both performances... :(

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Does anyone have videos from this years shows of Grant and Mercer?


Surely somebody has to have a video by now of Mercer and Grant????? If so, please post :horntooter:

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Mercers contest was cancelled, so they dont have a video, unless its from a football game.


Once again, please PM me any links to the videos you may have or find. Im keeping a running post of all the videos (link in my sig) and it will make it easier for every, so they dont have to search through this thread, YouTube, ect. I get those that are sent to me added as soon as I read it.


I think I have almost all of the additions that were posted on here, and not sent to me.

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Awesome, just PM them to me when you get them. It's the most timely, and guaranteed way to make sure they get on the list. :)



Added Cooper and Williamstown. Omitted Avon because I'm limited on character space in each post and I'm keeping the list to KMEA bands only. :)

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Agreed! Music is so beyond beautiful.


Watched their performance online tonight in Plainfield. Much improved. The performance on 9/11 was very dirty. Tonight it was solid. The top 3 class A (largest class) bands performed, and Avon was far superior than the others. They will win the state championship again.

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