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I am a proud parent of a dedicated marching band student in South Carolina. My daughter lives and breathes band. We have come across this great fundraising program that I would like to share with you. The company is Liquid Highway. They are located in South Carolina and their coffee is freshly roasted when ordered. It is easy to sell because mostly everyone does drink coffee. It is sold in 12 ounce bags and we sell it for $12 per bag. We keep $4 per bag. It's a 40% profit to our band. We got wore out on trying to sell wrapping paper (how many times per year can you sell expensive wrapping paper?). They also have several flavors of tea, hot chocolate, and lemonade. Something they do that you can't find anywhere else if they will add a private label to your bags at no additional charge. If anyone is needing a fundraiser that is quick and easy give them a call. My rep is Barbara Knight and her email is barbara@liquidhighway.com. Their website is www.liquidhighway.com. Barbara is great to work with.

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