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Your favorite drumline this year.

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I follow AAA. Taylor County is a little small this year in the battery but as clean as anybody else. They are not like 95% of all lines which use out of control stick heights and constant double-stop impacts. Too bad their band does not play with the drumline intensity. They actually play flams, paradiddles, open rolls while having uniformity in the line. The bass line is constantly playing singled out, running sixteenth and six-tuplits all with dynamics. Definately the best line in AAA. Unfortunately, todays judges are recital hall minded and stay in the box for the contest. I wish the best for all band kids because I know it is hard and means a lot to the ones that take it to heart. ONE NOTE: BAND DIRECTORS--KEVLAR DRUM HEADS CAUSE CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME and they sound terrible. Bring back plastic Strider heads!

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