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LightEmUp RGB Light Rifle Kits - Preorder

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Howdy colorguard folks!



We're now taking ORDERS for the LightEmUp Static RGB Light Rifle Kit!


Don't miss out on our special introductory pricing!


Check it out on our website (http://LightEmUpBand.com), or you can visit the store page directly at http://LightEmUpBand.BigCartel.com.



(Also, good luck to all of you competing in Tri-State Circuit and WGI Championships these next few weeks! If all things go as planned, I'll be able to attend some of the shows with my colorguard consultant, and might have one of these Light Rifles with me...just saying.)



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -





Be one of the first to ORDER the LightEmUp Static RGB Light Rifle Kit and receive $5.00 off the regular price!


* * * Offer Ends 5/25/13 * * *


Add an eye-popping effect to your Marching Band or Winterguard Show with the help of the LightEmUp Static RGB Rifle Kit. This kit allows for the addition of super bright LED lights on the 36" Director's Showcase rifle that you already own, with seven color options to choose from (Red, Pink, Blue, Aqua, Green, Yellow, and White).


View Color Options in our LightEmUp Static RGB Light Rifle Gallery



Simply unscrew the bolt, cut out holes for the switch and color selector, tape down your new lights and you're ready to add stunning effects to your production!


These kits are tested with Director's Showcase International Rifles (Leather Straps). We cannot absolutely guarantee that these kits will work on other makes/models of equipment, though they just might. For questions regarding equipment compatibility or otherwise, please CONTACT US.


Requires 36" Rifle (Directors Showcase Elite 3 with Leather Strap Recommended), cutting tool (please use caution with sharp objects), and two 9 Volt Batteries.



* * * Shipping Note * * *


This item is currently available for ORDER. They will ship as they become available.

Shipping updates can be found on LightEmUpBand.com, as well as on our Twitter and Facebook Pages.





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There are only a few days left to order our Static RGB Light Rifle Kit at the introductory discounted price before it vanishes!


Group discounts will still be available of orders of 5 or more!


2013-04-04 00.55.11.jpg


Please Contact Us with any questions or inquiries at http://LightEmUpBand.com



Thanks and Thanks!

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Today is the final day to order your Static RGB Light Rifle Kit at the Introductory Discounted Price! Sale ends at Midnight (EST).


2013-04-04 00.53.52.jpg


Don't miss out! Order Now!


Please contact us with any questions!



Thanks and Thanks

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