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Bryan Station High School is a large suburban school in Lexington, Kentucky. The current school building opened in 2007. We have large rehearsal spaces, including a gym floor-sized, two story cafeteria available on-site for winter guard rehearsal. We also have a brand new 32' steel band tower. There are 100+ musicians in the band program.


We are seeking applicants for a Color Guard Director to fill the following responsibilites:


- Coordinate and recruit for all aspects of the color guard program

- Coordinate writing of flag and weapon work for marching band performances

- Teach basic and advanced techniques in flag, weapons, and movement

- Work within budget

- Reliable and punctual

- Provide a positive example and influence for all BSHS students

- Re-establish winter guard program

- Teach color guard class, if available


Applicants will be expected to be at all rehearsals and run sectionals as appropriate. Pay is negotiable and comensurate with experience. Open/World class WGI/DCI experience is a plus. Applicants with a teaching degree are strongly encouraged to apply - we are a large district with around 50 schools!


Contact shaun.owens@fayette.kyschools.us with resume.

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