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15 Brand New polychina silk practice flags for color guard or winter guard. Still in the plastic. Rectangular shape. 30" x 48". All royal blue in color. From the Band Shoppe. One of the 15 plastic bags was opened to view the shape of the flag, but the flag is still brand new. They retail on the band shoppe's website for $8.95 each. That would be $134.25 for a set of 15 off their website. Need more than 15?? Get these at a discounted rate, and only pay for the few extra you need from their website. (The website lists them as stock rectangle poly china silk budget flags)



Starting the bid at $60.00 for the lot of 15 puts each silk at only $4.00 each! That's over half off the price listed on their website. And there is no shipping fee!




These came free with the purchase of custom made silks, and I have no need for them.



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