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4 hours ago, Hereforthecomments said:

Yep!  There was no love when they MC won and beat Bourbon. I dont expect any sugarcoating at all but I expect courtesy and respect for every band. Hardly see any praise for MC when they succeed on this forum. Where was everyone when MC and Harrison beat Bourbon?  Crickets.  Bourbon deserved the win at GRC and I’m happy for them.  I have very thick skin but the rude comments on here about not just MC but other bands is ridiculous. Act like adults and if u aren’t an adult...pretend!  

HA! You clearly are from MC but you dont have to toot your own horn constantly for your program. We get it already.....

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1) Bourbon County 2) Beechwood 3) Madison Central 4) Ryle 5) Taylor County 6) PLD 7) Garrard 8] Madison Southern 9) Pulaski County 10) Russell Indy

Yeah, that panel is about as good as it gets. This isn’t a fluke.

Difficult finals lineup for sure. A lot of this could be very close. I have PLD and Russell Independent getting into Finals here but Woodford would be close. Also pretty high on Madison Southern but I

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12 hours ago, Chase said:

Prelims scores


  1. Powell County - 61.45
  2. Paris - 55.45
  3. Lloyd Memorial - 53.45


  1. Beechwood - 78.05
  2. Russell Independent - 76.6
  3. Mercer County - 63.3
  4. Owen County 49.6
  5. Lewis County 48.75


  1. Taylor County - 76.8
  2. Pulaski County - 68.45
  3. Garrard County - 67.55
  4. Highlands - 59
  5. East Jessamine - 57.85
  6. West Jessamine - 56.6


  1. Bourbon County - 85.2
  2. Woodford County - 74.5
  3. Madison Southern - 65.75


  1. Madison Central - 81.7
  2. Larry A. Ryle - 80.5
  3. Paul Laurence Dunbar - 74.65

that 2A gap between 1st and 4th though  geeez 28.45

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On 10/13/2019 at 11:53 PM, Hereforthecomments said:

There was no love when they MC won and beat Bourbon.

I don’t know about anybody else, but when I see a top 5A band beat bands from 1A - 4A, I yawn because to me they are EXPECTED to beat all the lower class bands. No ticker tape parade needed. 

However when a lower class band beats a top 5A everyone is “David beat Goliath!!!”  cause everybody loves the David role. Unless your an alum of or your kid goes to Goliath... 😉

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