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Hi all! With marching season rapidly approaching and looking more possibly normal than ever, I’d like to announce that I am open for marching arrangement/composition! I can write arrangements or original compositions fit for groups of various sizes and skill levels, from a beginning program with 15 winds to an established group with dozens and dozens. My rates are highly flexible, especially so with the uncertainty that this upcoming season brings. I would be more than happy to work with whatever your program’s needs and wants are; from both a budget and show design perspective.
My goal when I write is to stick to proven marching band structures and tropes that work, but for my music to be effective because it’s effective, not because of the calculated form it follows. I do primarily focus on winds, but I also write both basic front ensemble and battery parts. I have an associate of mine who focuses on percussion and would be willing to write these parts at a higher level, but this would of course raise rates to an extent. However, her work is excellent and would be a wonderful match for any percussion section of any skill level!
I’m based in Campbellsville, Kentucky, and would be available for digital correspondence and/or in-person meetings discussing the direction of the music and how it conveys the show. On top of the writing, I am also available to design/produce sound design, sound effects, and voiceovers to help elevate your show.
Attached are some examples of my work. A majority of this audio is arrangements, but the excerpts at 0:53 and 2:47 are originals. All the parts are written by me solely, although the arrangement of Uninvited by Alanis Morissette at the beginning has percussion parts written by Elsa Dishamn, who is the associate mentioned earlier. If any of these catch your ear, feel free to message me for a score! I would also be willing to make modifications to make it better suited for your program’s specific needs and abilities.
If interested, I can be reached at my email, nathanielscottessex@gmail.com
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