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23 hours ago, Unknown said:

Please relax, you're taking this way more seriously than I meant it. People joke of how often "cancel culture" goes too far, and I sometimes agree. Your post was in relation to that, and I was just posting for others to see the reality of what he actually did and how it's not the same as the "mistakes" you and I make. I had no intention of educating you, that's not my job. It wasn't posted with as serious of a tone as you're taking it to be.


Also, just a fun thing I noticed. You talk of cancel culture and then literally in the next sentence tell take my comments elsewhere. 

Nobody was cancelling you, I was just telling you to take your comments elsewhere because it came off snide and there was no reason for it. Guess we were both in the wrong. I apologize. Lets be adults and move on.

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