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  2. Lafayette parent performance video is up. Seem to be off to a good start. I even like their drill this year which i normally dont lol. Musically they seem to be on point for where they usually are this time of year ie...they sound very good.
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  4. says it's a preview show, which is way weird for a contest that used to be a juggernaut. It's also only had a handful of bands participating over the last few years, so maybe they are trying a different format before shutting it down completely. Who knows.......
  5. duPont Manual High School From within… Themes from Moonlight Sonata My Body is a Cage Fly to Paradise
  6. He was the announcer at the 2021 smbc.
  7. Can someone recommend where would be a good place to sell my grandsons saxophone. He’s entering high school and due to his career path he no longer want to be in band.
  8. The best announcer ever!! Nothing and no one will ever beat his iconic self, may he rest in peace.
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  10. Mr. Imes was also the announcer for state finals for many years.
  11. Dan Imes, of eastern Kentucky passed away last night. Mr. Imes had a successful career as the director of Campbellsville High School and was a Morehead graduate. Rest In Peace, Mr. Imes
  12. Glasgow contest date revealed for September 10th. I’m assuming the usual lineup for schools who are participating
  13. Anyone have Adair County 2018 @State Finals?
  14. Band director position at West Carter is posted.
  15. We made it to finals! Which was a pretty big accomplishment. But good things are brewing this season.
  16. I loved our show last year, glad you liked it - GRC member
  17. Taylor County Middle School Band is now posted. https://taylorcounty.tedk12.com/hire/index.aspx
  18. They also stopped hosting their long standing regular season competition in recent years as well. Seems they are not interested in hosting events.
  19. All Fayette County schools have synthetic turf.
  20. Madison Central is probably not interested in hosting an event.
  21. Wait........so you can pretty much see Madison Central (with turf) from EKU, and we're having to still go to Boyle or even GRC/BS?? Am I missing something??
  22. Did Bryan Station get turf? Last I remember they had a grass field.
  23. KMEA SMBC Semifinals Sites: A - Eastern Kentucky University AA - Bryan Station AAA - Boyle County AAAA - Madison Southern AAAAA - George Rogers Clark
  24. This morning, the world lost Joe Allen. For anyone who competed in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s Mr. Allen was the band director at Muhlenberg Central and then Muhlenberg North high school. Under his direction, both schools produced several great band directors, state finalist marching bands, concert bands, and a lot of fine people that I got to know through competition along with my time at WKU. I send my thoughts and prayers to the family of Mr. Allen along with the Mihlenberg band community and it’s alumni.
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